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Koh Lanta

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Getting There & Away


Lanta is now firmly established on the Thai tourism map but, as one of Thailand’s largest islands, it has been able to absorb the tourism boom of recent years without significant environmental impact.


The lack of crowds on some of Lanta’s long beaches and its laid-back atmosphere are big draws, along with Lanta’s convenient location for some of the kingdom’s best diving and snorkeling spots - plus it is within day-trip range of Koh Muk’s amazing Emerald Cave (see '4-island trip', below).

During the dry season (Nov to Apr) spectacular sunsets are a near daily certainty.

Ko Lanta means ‘dazzling island’ and with its ten beaches, breathtaking sunsets and laid back atmosphere, it does indeed dazzle.




The degree to which you are dazzled will depend upon where you'll just arrived from. If you've just come from one of the more crowded destinations like Phi Phi, Phuket or Samui, or have just stepped off a plane from a frigid Western winter, you will no doubt have to keep pinching yourself, to make sure you haven't died and gone to heaven.

If, however, you've just arrived from more pristine idylls like Koh Lao Liang, Koh Bulone or Koh Yao Noi, you may find Lanta, especially the two northernmost beaches, over-developed.

There are now over 100 resorts on the island, most of which are best avoided. We've visited them all and loaded most on this site (see below).

If you take care when you stay, Lanta is a great destination. If you end up in one of the island's many over-priced flea-pits, however, you are likely to be somewhat underwhelmed by Lanta.





Koh Lanta is long (27km from north to south) and narrow (4 km) and has a spine of 500 metre high hills clad in untouched rainforest running down the middle.




The western-facing coast is studded with a series of fine long beaches, while the east coast is edged by mudflats and mangrove swamps, making swimming impossible.




The southern tip of the island is reserved as a National Park, where visitors can explore virgin jungle, admire the dramatic coastline and bathe in crystal-clear waterfalls.

A 2 ½ km cliff-top trek starts at the National Park headquarters at Hat Hin Ngam and offers the chance to spot deer, wild pigs and monitor lizards, as well as to enjoy scenic sea and mountain vistas from a small white lighthouse at the trek’s highest point.





The island’s infrastructure has improved considerably in recent years and has caused a veritable explosion in tourism to the island, to the detriment of the ferry pier at the main town, the rather unsightly Saladan.


As well as the ferries from Ao Nang, Krabi and Phuket, minivans from the mainland arrive here – almost every visitor to Lanta arrives at the pier at Saladan.





The interior of the island is mainly covered in plantations of rubber, cashew-nut, fruit and palm trees.

There are still pockets of primeval forest left, mostly on the most southerly and steepest hillsides.



The island is a great place for independent exploration, whether on foot along the beaches, trekking to the waterfalls and viewpoints in the interior, or touring the southern tip’s National Park by moped.


It's difficult to get lost, as there are so few roads and tracks to choose from, so you can just forget planning and randomly explore - if your chosen track ends in a dead end, it will do so pretty quickly, so you won’t have to back-track far.

Some hardy souls rent mountain bikes to go exploring.

Others prefer a less energetic transport method.

As well as reasonable elephant trekking, the islands offers superb snorkelling and scuba diving (for more, see the 'Tours' section below).

The sunsets are so photogenic, it's no surprise that websites use so many images of them. Here's one showing Koh Haa in the background, it's worth clicking on to take a look at the full sized version.

After this one last sunset image (I just can't resist this one), we'll take a look at some beaches.



Khlong Dao Beach

This silky-soft beach starts on the edge of the town at which the ferries arrive, and was consequently the first to be developed for tourism. Some people will find this beach rather over-developed these days - we do.

Phra Ae (Long Beach)

A couple of kilometers south of Khlong Dao beach, 4 km-long Long Beach is shaded by large numbers of coconut palms and has soft sand and good waters for swimming, both at low and high tide, making it a perfect and archetypically tropical idyll. These prodigious charms, combined with the beach’s proximity to the ferry pier, have made it Lanta’s main tourist destination, and a beach on which all the resorts are nearly full all high season.

Unfortunately this has led to high prices and complacency, as most resorts on Long Beach have now ceased to care about the quality of their establishments or service, as they know they will get enough guests whether or not they make an effort. Unless you can afford to stay at one of the more up-market places such as Lanta Resort, Long Beach is now best avoided, as the mid-range resorts offer bad value for money. Lanta Resort occupies a prime spot at the end of the beach, is in great shape and is recommended.

Khlong Khong Beach

Whilst this laid-back 3 km-long beach just south of Long Beach isn’t the island’s best swimming beach, it offers great snorkeling at low tide. Accommodation is cheaper than on the preceding two beaches, with the emphasis being on more modest, but still clean bungalows. The beach is a lively place at night, with dining on the beach, fire-shows and rustic beach bars among the charms on offer. The Moonwalk resort on this beach is a spotless and great value budget place to stay.

Klong Nin Beach

This long beach is approximately 20 minutes south of Long Beach, and is well worth the extra travel time. The central portion of the beach, which is covered in silky, soft sand but not too many people, is best for swimming. This isn't Lanta's best beach.

Kantiang Beach

This beach was in 2009 selected by the UK newspaper The Sunday Times as "Best Best in Thailand", with good reason. Kantiang's charms are immediately obvious - a long bowed bay backed by an amphitheatre of jungle-clad hills and fronted by the craggy island Koh Haa, Kantiang's braod swathe of light sand begs to be sprawled on, while its waters are perfect for swimming at all tides.

It is as much what Kantiang lacks, as what it boasts, that make it so special. There are no jet-skis, no lager louts, no crowds, no seried ranks of deck-chairs, and no annoying hawkers.

The central portion of the beach is completely undeveloped, only the northern and southern ends have been developed. The owners of Pimalai Resort, the 5 star resort at the southern end of the beach, have left a stretch of 500 metres of the middle of the beach in a completely pristine condition. The beach never suffers from any litter, thanks to a zealous cleaning campaign run by Pimalai.

While the beach is as perfectly peaceful and prisitine as any traveller could wish for, it is far from a dull place to stay. There are two very popular beach bars here. The Aqua bar at the Baan Laanta resort is a comfortable and atmospheric place to socialise, particularly at high tide, when it sits perched above the water. Later on in the evening, the scene at the Why Not bar really kicks off, due to the brilliant beach band that plays here every night in high season.

This superb location makes the resorts here very desirable. Pimalai is the best resort on the island by a mile, while the Baan Lanta's location makes it a good contender for the best 3 star resort. The Lanta Marine Park View is the island's best-located budget resort.


Koh Lanta Tours

Dive Hin Daeng & Hin Muang   Snorkel Koh Rok   Snorkel & Dive Koh Haa
4-Island Trip (including Koh Muk & Emerald Cave)   Kayak Koh Talabaeng   Tham Khao Maikaeo cave
Elephant Trekking        


Koh Lanta Resorts


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Hotel Name.  Location.  Metres from Beach. Price. Show only
Pimalai Resort & Spa Kantiang Beach 1 $$$$$ recommended
Rawi Warin Klong Nin 1 $$$$$
Crown Resort Klong Dao Beach 200 $$$$
Layana Long Beach 1 $$$$
Twin Lotus Long Beach 1 $$$$
Costa Lanta Long Beach 6 $$$$
Lanta Cha Da Klong Dao Beach 1 $$$$
Royal Lanta Klong Dao Beach 1 $$$$
Houben Koh Lanta 50 $$$$
La Laanta Klong Jark Beach 1 $$$ recommended
Lanta Resort 1 $$$
Kantiang See Koh Lanta 10 $$$$
Phra Nang Inn Kantiang Beach 0 $$$
Srilanta Klong Nin Beach 0 $$$
Baan Lanta Kantiang Beach 1 $$$ recommended
Maya Lanta Klong Dao Beach 0 $$$
Lanta Sands Resort 1 $$$
Andalay Klong Nin 0 $$$
Lanta Southern Klong Dao Beach 0 $$$
Klong Nin Beach Resort Klong Nin Beach 20 $$$
Lanta Casuarina Long Beach 0 $$$
Lanta Narima Nui Beach 10 $$$
Anda Lanta Koh Lanta 1 $$$
Lanta Palace Klong Nin 1 $$$
Chaw ka Cher Inland 0 $$$ recommended
Darawadee Klong Kong 1 $$$
Lanta Moonlight Klong Tob Beach 1 $$$ recommended
Andaman Lanta Klong Dao 1 $$$
Lanta Villa Klong Dao Beach 1 $$$
Relax Bay Lanta 1 $$$ recommended
Holiday Villa Lanta Klong Dao 1 $$$
Eyes Lanta Inland 200 $$$
Lanta Island Resort Klong Dao Beach 1 $$$
Lanta Pavilion Klong Kong 1 $$
Bu Nga Raya Inland 400 $$
Lanta Emerald Klong Kong 1 $$ recommended
Lanta Moonwalk Klong Kong Beach 1 $$ recommended
Pada Hotel Inland 400 $$
Salanta Long Beach 1 $$
Sea, Sand & Sun Klong Kong Beach 1 $$
Lanta Castaway Klong Kong Beach 1 $$
Lanta Miami Klong Kong 1 $
Lanta Bee Garden Klong Dao 0 $
Sun, Fun & Sea Klong Dao Beach 1 $ recommended
Lanta Clean Beach Klong Nin Beach 20 $
River Sand Resort Inland 100 $
Where Else klong Kong 1 $
Lanta Sea House Klong Dao 1 $
Lanta Marine Park View Koh Lanta 50 $
Blue Marlin Resort Klong Kong 1 $

Lanta's (and possibly Thailand's) best resort occupies an unbeatable location, occupying fully 900 metres of an award-winning and pristine beach

This large hotel does not occupy a prime beach position, but is a reasonable choice if Pimalai is full.

This smart new resort suffers from a poor location off the northern end of Klong Dao beach

This 4 star resort has a reputation for excellent service standards. While the shared facilities are limited, it is a top quality resort.

Competently constructed 4 star resort. The bungalows near the beach are the best units in this resort.

Only fans of minimalist concrete urban architecture will like the building style here.

This architypically elegant tropical beach resort is rather pricey for the accommodation offered

This classy but cramped resort offers poor value for money, but is a reasonable choice when other places are full.

A real eye-sore from the outside, the Houben is near the island's best beach and offers comfort and high service standards.

Beautifully constructed and occupying a superb beachfront location, this no-kids resort is currently one of the best value resorts in the whole of Thailand. It is not just recommended, it is extremely highly recommended.

There are two separate sections to this resort, a beachfront section and a hotel building section 300 metres from the beach. the beachfront section is recomnended

Comfortable and clean, though rather pricey family villas on the hillside above Lanta's (& arguably Thailand's) best beach

This attractive resort is located between two great beach bars, so is a good choice for those looking for fun nightlife.

This resort has great shared facilities, but disappointing rooms.

This attractive resort has lovely Thai-style rooms and is located on fantastic Kantiang beach, near to two great beach bars.

Tiny and expensive, this resort is a good choice when the better value resorts are full.

This downwardly mobile resort could use renovation

There is nothing particularly special here.

This large and cramped resort is only a good choice when better places are full.

The clean rooms in this resort offer reasonable value, but there is no pool or beach access, and so there are better options available on Koh Lanta for the prices charged.

The best 3 star resort on overcrowded Long Beach.

The bungalows at this resort, set on a tiny beach, are in need of renovation

Excellent resort near the island's best beach, Kantiang.

Not at all the best choice.

These 4 star rooms in a 3 star location are excellent value for money. It takes only 5 minutes to get to Klong Kong beach from here. This resort is highly recommended for value for money.

This expensive resort has an urban minimalist architectural style that few will like.

This charming resort offers quality and good value for money

This is an unremarkable resort on expensive Klong Dao beach

This scruffy, ugly resort is only recommended when everywhere else is full.

The lovely bungalows in this laid-back resort are great value for money.

This worthwhile resort offers some attractive and affordable beachfront accommodation.

This resort has some very attractive bungalows offering superb sunset views, but is rather expensive for the hillside location offered.

If this is the only place available when you want to visit Koh Lanta, you would be advised to visit another destination instead.

Reasonable choice, when better places are full.

This attractive resort is located away from the beach, so is good value.

This resort has seen better days, but is good value and great fun.

The spotless Deluxe Seaview rooms at this fun resort offer the best value air-con on the island

If all you are looking for is a cheap, clean place to sleep, this is a good choice.

Down at heel & not recommended

Reasonable if modest budget resort.

Comfortable but somewhat less than astoundingly beautiful.

Run-down and unattractive

Down-at-heel and decrepit

There are better backpacker places on Koh Lanta.

This reasonably nice resort is a bit expensive for the standard offrered

These most rustic bungalows on Koh Lanta

This charmingly rustic resort is in need of renovation.

Charmless, overpriced & overcrowded concrete box resort

Rather overpriced resort is the cheapest on Kantiang, the island's best beach.

Neglected and mouldy


Getting There & Away

There are three ways of reaching and/or leaving Lanta, which are as follows:

By private taxi or minivan. This is the most comfortable way of accessing or leaving Lanta. These are the times and costs to/from Ao Nang and Krabi

  Lanta South Lanta North
Ao Nang Taxi THB 3,200, minivan THB 3,500, time 3 hours Taxi THB 2,900, minivan THB 3,200, time 2,5 hours
Krabi Airport Taxi THB 3,200, minivan THB 3,500, time 2.5 hours Taxi THB 2,900, minivan THB 3,200, time 2 hours

To turn the journey from a boring taxi ride into a fun day out, it is possible to book stopoffs at some worthwhile attractions. This These attractions are as follows:

The following table gives the prices for private minivan/taxi rides from Lanta to or from either Ao Nang or Krabi airport. We are the only travel company that offers this stopoff service, which we offer in order to maximise your enjoyment of your holiday. We only accept bookings for transfers from customers who also book their hotels with us. Note that if you book one of the stopoff-transfers in the table below, then we will invoice you for the ammount shown in the Flat Fee Cost column. Ona rrival at the stopoff attraction(s), please pay, directly, the prices shown in the last 2 columns.

The "Total Detour Time" in the table below is in addition to the time taken to drive from Ao Nang or Krabi to/from Lanta, as is detailed in the table above.

Stopoff Program Number

Eleph-ant Trek

Stilted Rest- aurant

Hot Springs / Emerald Pool

Water- fall Tiger Cave Temple Extra Driving Time Time at Attract-ions Total Time Taken Flat Fee Cost + Cost Per Adult + Cost Per Child 3 to 11 years
1         1 hr 3 hrs 4 hrs 5,500    
2         1 hr 2 hrs 3 hrs 5,000    
3         30 mins 1.5 hrs 2 hrs 4,500 600 300
4         30 mins 2 hrs 2.5 hrs 4,500    
5         10 mins 50 mins 1 hr 4,500    
6       1 hr 3.5 hrs 4.5 hrs 5,000 600 300
7       1.5 hrs 4 hrs 5.5 hrs 5,500    
8       1 hr 3 hrs 4 hrs 5,500    
9       1 hr 3 hrs 4 hrs 5,000    
10       1 hr 2.5 hrs 3.5 hrs 5,000 600 300
11       30 mins 3 hrs 3.5 hrs 5,000    
12     1 hr 4 hrs 5 hrs 5,500 600 300
13     1.5 hrs 4.5 hrs 6 hrs 5,500    

National Park fees are not included in the above prices, please pay these directly at the entrances to the attractions. These NP fees are currently as follows, but are subject to change without notice:

  • Hot Springs - adult THB 100, child 3 to 11 inclusive THB 50

  • Emerald Pool - adult THB 500, child 300

  • Huay To waterfall - adult THB 100, child 50

By Ferry. During high season ferries run from the island's town and main pier at Saladan, at the island's northern tip, to the following places: Ao Nang, Railay, Koh Phi Phi, Krabi Town and Phuket.

By shared minivan. It is possible to catch a shared minivan to Lanta from Krabi Town or from Ao Nang. This costs about THB 300 per person. You can also easily book and catch a shared minivan from Lanta to Ao Nang, Krabi Town, Krabi airport or Hat Yai down south. The trip to the airport takes at least 3 hours and can be uncomfortable when the minivan is full.




The following packages include a visit to Koh Lanta. Click on a package for more information:

Package Name Code
Luxury Beach Honeymoon HMLB
Adrenaline Rush Thailand MH1
Island Hop Thailand IH1
Island Hop Southern Andaman ITA
Snorkel Thailand SH1
Snorkel Andaman Sea STA
Dive Thailand DHL
Dive Koh Lanta DTLA


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