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Crown Resort, Koh Lanta

Independent Review

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This one year-old resort is recommended for those who like top quality accommodation and stunning sunsets, and don't really care so much about spending time on a beach.

The Crown Resort occupies a hillside location above a small bay, and the nearest beach is a 400 metre walk away. To the left is an image of the bay at low tide.
To the right is how it looks at high tide. Note so great, is it ?
The architecture and decor here exhibits a pleasingly traditional Thai style, reflected in the old Siamese roof-style from the dynasty of Sukhothai. Complementing the buildings, large trees abound in this almost new resort.
Everything about this resort is top quality and everything, from the fitness room to the ash-trays, appears to have been designed with scant regard for expense.

The elegant atmosphere is in precedence right from the moment the visitor arrives in the understatedly smart lobby, which has large open windows on all sides, and is located next to a pretty pool crossed by a pleasingly proportioned bridge, amidst lilly and dropping palm fronds.

The Crown has already earned a reputation for service and cuisine.

The resort gets 5 stars for everything except for location.
For those who want to watch sunsets from their own terraces, the resort offers some of the best options on the island.
The resort's Grand Villa has the best location of any unit on Lanta. For most people, though, the Pimalai is a better choice, as there is more space, and it has a better location.



Deluxe Gazebo

For those who can afford them, these pricey rooms are a great choice. Indoors, the muted decor is complemented by Asian art and sil cushions, while gleaming wooden floors and panelling raise the tone. The terraces are large and include adjacent gazebos from which many rooms have very pretty jungle and pool views, and where a gentle breeze usually cools the guest.

These units are all on the upstairs floor of the two buildings that house them. For each of theser two buildings, the best unit is the one furthest from the other building, as these units get better views and more privacy, a rare combination indeed.


Deluxe Pool Access

These are the same as the above units, but built below them, on the ground floor, and benefiting from pool access.

The terraces are large and comfortably furnished. Withe these units, some of them are closely overlooked by the neighbouring terraces, but there are two which are not so closely overlooked. These are the units on the end of each of the two buildings, at the end nearest the other building.

Of these two best rooms, one is better for couples and the other for families with small children. The best of them, for families with small children, is the one next to the children's pool, while the other is better for couples, for the same reason.


Elegance Deluxe

These are similar to the above units, but are closer to the main pool, and some have sea-views, in two separate directions.
The best views are to be found from the westernmost unit, from which the sunset can also be seen.


Ocean Sunset Villa

These classy units have enormous everything - bedrooms, living rooms, bathrooms, terraces, sunsets and price tags. The private terraces provide the perfect places to enjoy Lanta's famous sunsets.

Of these 8 units, two have unobstructed views and are recommended over the other six, which have trees in the way.

The girl on the right was as lucky as she is beautiful, she got to stay here free during the photo-shoot.


Ocean Private Pool Villa

These massive units include everything the Ocean Sunset Viilas have, and more besides. There is a hot tub in the bathroom, and a private plunge pool on the terrace. There are four of these units, two of which get sunset views, so are easily the best.


Grand Villa

This fabulously opulent villa occupies a truly stunning position atop a headland, and has a headland terrace which enjoys a stunning 270 degree sea-view. Everything about the villa stuns the senses.
The private pool is mucg bigger than those in the other units in the resort - here it's good for a swim as well as a plunge.

The two bedrooms are superlatively appointed. the master bedroom has its own lounge area, an large L-shaped sofa, a flat-screen TV, and a jacuzzi in its private bathroom.

There is also a living room and a second bedroom. All this luxury is simply fabulous, of course, but what really makes this special is the headland location. Because of this, it is arguably Lanta's best 2 bedroom villa - the ones at Pimalai have more class, but lack the unique location.






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Andaman Sky, Co., Ltd, 454/2 Moo 1, Ao Nang, Thailand



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