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Koh Sukhorn

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Are you looking for a quality, absolute beachfront bungalow at a reasonable price ?

If so then Sukhorn could be the island for you. Because of the island's lacklustre sands and lack of special charms, it offers great value for money and the absence of any crowds.

There's nothing much to do here, or see either, except for the splendlid sunsets, which are an almost nightly extravaganza.
The sun looks particularly striking when it sets directly behind Lao Liang, if anybody's got a picture of this, please contact us - when we were there in May 2010, the camera battery ran out at just the wrong moment.
Sukorn is a good first stop on a Thai holiday. It's great for those exhausted first few days of your holiday, when the best thing for you is to sit around yawning like a whale on a plankton hunt, snoozing and letting the seabreeze blow all the city stress away.
After a few days of this, when a bit of energy returns and the feet start to itch, then for most people it's time to move on, as Sukorn has nothing much to offer apart from great value beachfront accommodation, and the nightly sunsets beckon the visitor to go exploring the islands he sees beautifully silhouetted against the setting sun.
Sukorn is a convenient as well as relaxing place to start your Andaman island hop. From here, you can charter a boat to Koh Bulone, or be inexpensively dropped at Koh Lao Liang. From either of these islands a range of onward destinations are possible.

Question: what are there more of on Sukhorn, motorbikes, cars or buffaloes?

Answer: The number of cars on the island has doubled in recent years - to four vehicles. Most days, you don't see one moving. There are about as many bikes as there are buffaloes - 400.

It's very pleasant to ride a bike round the island, which takes no more than twenty minutes, even at the same snail's pace as almost all the islanders ride at. Everyone leaves their keys in the ignition 24/7, which is great, unless you've rented a bike and can't remember the registration number, and so can't make sure you've got the right bike, by switching it on.

The buffaloe seems to get everywhere, including on your plate, if you'll allow it:

You may find the images on this pages less dramatic than those on our other destination pages, and maybe wonder why there are so many buffaloes, sunsets and flowers here. Could we not find or take any more varied images ? The reason is that Sukhorn, while it offers great value, comfortable beachfront bungalows, is simply not the most photogenic of Thai islands.


Koh Sukhorn Tours

The only worthwhile daytrip that runs from Sukhorn is a snorkelling trip to nearby Koh Takiang and Koh Lao Liang islands, which costs THB 1,000 per person. You can see more about snorkelling around Koh Lao Liang and Koh Takiang by taking a look at this page. A great idea is to use the day-trip as a one-way lift to go stay on Lao Liang, where the snorkelling on the beach is free all day.


Koh Sukhorn Resorts


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Hotel Name.  Location.  Metres from Beach. Price. Show only
Sukhorn Beach Bungalows West Beach 1 $$$ recommended
Sukhorn Cabana West Beach 1 $$ recommended
Sukhorn Andaman Resort West Beach 1 $$
Sukhorn Paradise West Beach 1 $$
Sukhorn Island Resort West Beach 1 $$

The island's top resort offers great value for money, lovely bungalows and superb sunset views

This is the island's best choice for those who can not afford the Sukhorn Beach Bungalows. The staff here are particularly friendly.


Hideaway budget resort that offers charm, but not much comfort.

The most derelict and dirty resort of the 250 resorts on this website


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Andaman Sky, Co., Ltd, 454/2 Moo 1, Ao Nang, Thailand