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Koh Lao Liang Island

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Cast adrift from reality, this almost surreally tranquil isle slumbers in the less frequented southern reaches of the Andaman Sea.

koh lao liang

Koh Lao Liang island is a small island 20 kilometers offshore in the Koh Petra Marine Park, in Trang Province, Thailand.

Its breath-taking beauty and serenity make it one of the best places in Thailand, if not the whole world, to leave the cares of modern living behind.

koh lao liang

lao liang



Koh Lao Liang combines peace and relaxation with adventure sports.

Koh Lao Liang is a place of unspoiled natural beauty - no trees were cut down and almost no concrete was used in the resort's construction.

relax lao liang
lao liang



The stunning scenery has been preserved intact, to spell-binding effect.



Koh Lao Liang is an idyllic paradise island with towering limestone cliffs, quiet beaches, squeaky-clean sand and crystal-clear waters.

lao liang
koh petra


Many visitors adore this island and return time and again.

The single low-key beach bar on the island is a very friendly one. It is almost impossible not to make friends and have fun here.


Relax on Ko Lao Liang's beach, watch dolphins swim around or a needle fish stalk a school of bait fish from 30 metres up the rock-face.

koh lao liang
lao liang



This is a fairly new and still totally unspoiled destination - see it before the Lonely Planet hordes descend.



Activities available are: snorkelling, kayaking, rock climbing, bouldering.

lao liang
climb koh lao liang island

As popular a pastime as the above activities is to quietly lie in a hammock and absorb the tranquility and unspoiled natural beauty of one of the last pristine paradises left in Thailand.

Yes, the word 'paradise' is an over-used cliche, but we have only used it to describe one destination on this website - Lao Liang island.

koh lao liang
koh lao liang



The only resort on the island, it is surrounded by crystal clear seas, powdery white sands and dramatic limestone cliffs.






Koh Lao Liang offers a unique and affordable back-to-nature tropical beach eco-experience.

koh lao liang
koh lao liang



There is to our knowledge nowhere in the world like it - Koh Lao Liang is the perfect combination of peace and relaxation with adventure activities.


Koh Lao Liang is not reccommended for people who don't like Thai food.

While the tents are reasonably comfortable, it must be stressed that this is not a luxury resort. Room service does not exist, and some sand and small bugs in the tents are almost unavoidable.


deep water solo lao liang
koh lao liang


The island has only one resort, which has no air-con or ensuite bathrooms.

Most travellers will love a stay of three nights or so. We reccommend booking three nights to start with, as extensions are not usually a problem.


The logistical problems of running this resort on its secluded island are considerable, and supplies of milk and other important foodstuffs are sometimes interrupted. The quality of the food can vary from very good to rather average.


Most visitors feel that Lao Liang's pristine environment provides such a balm for the senses that they do not notice its lack of luxury facilities.

koh lao liang
lao liang sunrise

Most visitors feel that the jaw-droppingly beautiful setting form the highpoint of their vacation.

Remember, also, that the rates include 3 meals a day.

The service levels on Lao Liang are low - for example you may have to ask twice for a towel - and you may not even get a towel at all, as the resort has run out ! For this reason this resort is not reccommended for people who expect good service. For those nature-lovers who can put up with slow and sometimes non-existant service, however, Lao Liang remains one of a kind - an exceptionally beautiful and pristine place.


Things To Do

snorkel koh lao liang   snorkel koh lao liang thailand   climb koh lao liang
Snorkel Off the Beach   Snorkel Koh Lao Liang Half Day   Climb
kayak koh lao liang        


Ko (or Koh) Lao Liang Accommodation


Accommodation on Koh Laoliang is in safari-style tents right on the beach and shaded by trees. Electricity, 2 fans and 2 lamps are provided.

koh lao liang, thailand
koh lao liang, thailand


Open your fly-sheet and watch the waves break on the beach. Fall asleep to the sound of the sea and the cool sea breeze.

The tents are not hot in the mornings, due to their large size, fans and shaded locations.

Koh Lao Liang Prices


High Season

Peak Season

Low Season

15 Jan -30 Apr

21 Dec -14 Jan

1 May -31 Oct

Per Person per night including 3 meals a day




Children 6 to 12 years old 50%, less than 5 years old free.

'Front row' seafront tent - THB 700 per tent per night extra.

Single supplement THB 700.

Transfer to/from Trang THB 1,200 per person each way.

Transfer to/from Ao Nang or Krabi THB 1,500 per person each way.


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