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Koh Lao Liang Snorkelling Half Day

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koh lao liang The snorkelling is some of the best in Thailand. The exotic underwater flora and fauna of the Koh Petra Marine Park will leave you speechless with wonder (just as well, really, because talking while all snorkelled up is a bit tricky).

The Marine Park is one of the least-visited in Thailand, and this fact shows in the almost perfect state of the coral and the profusion of marine life swarming all around. Try chasing a shoal of fish, or just float there and wonder at the underwater costume drama parading before your eyes.

It is not unlikely you will see dolphins on this trip. If you are lucky, they will jump out of the water, in a display that seems pointless, unless put on for the sole purpose of entertaining you, the human snorkeller. Why dolphins should care to give us such a lovely sight is a mystery.

koh lao liang snorkel

Important note - this trip can only be booked on the island and will only run if 4 or more people wish to go. If you pay for 4 people, of course, then it will go whenever you wish. It may be a pain to pay for 4 people when there are only 2 of you, but you may feel this is better than not going.


Number of Adults

Price per adult
2 + 700

Children under 13 years old - THB 400

Children under 4 years old - free

  • Water
  • Snorkelling equipment
  • Longtail boat to act as 'mother-ship'.

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