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The Web's Best Guide to Thai Snorkelling

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Snorkel Surin Islands
Snorkel Koh Lanta
Snorkel Ao Nang
Snorkel Koh Lao Liang
Snorkel Koh Tao


Snails Snorkel pristine and undamaged reefs, right off white sandy beaches.
The best snorkelling in Thailand is off the Andaman coast, rather than in the Gulf of Thailand, where over-fishing and -diving have diminished the fish numbers and damaged the coral. School of fish
Trevally We at Andaman Adventures take you to all of the best snorkelling spots in Thailand. To our knowledge we're the only Thai travel company that does this - everybody else offers you only a single destination.
Why snorkel just one part of Thailand, when with Andaman Adventures you can snorkel all the best sites in the country ? Nemo


Snorkel Surin Islands

The Surins Islands used to be an archetypical tropical paradise, untill coral bleaching ruined the snorkelling there. Following National Park directives, we no longer offer Surin snorkelling trips.

Some snorkel and dive operators still take customers there, which is a pratice that we strongly disapprove of.


Snorkel Koh Lanta

The sites nearby Koh Lanta, particularly Koh Rok, display an incredible density and diversity of marine life in seas that somtimes seem to almost boil with fish.
Huge schools of dazzlingly-hued fusiliers, triggerfish and damselfish pour like mercury down the reefs, so thickly that they obscure the coral behind them.
Pretty clown triggerfish compete for the swimmer’s attention with bizarre Ambon scorpionfish, with turtles ascending to breathe and with mandarinfish perform mating dances.
The antics of the fauna here deliver an almost non-stop series of startling stimuli, and are set against a backdrop of some of the finest coral in southeast Asia.
We offer a daytrip to snorkel around Koh Rok (arguably Thailand's best snorkelling site) and a four-island snorkelling trip which includes a visit to Koh Muk's amazing Emerald Cave. Click here for more on Koh Lanta.
Many visitors, never having seen fish in such densities before, are bewildered by the sheer numbers of the fish in the vast shoals that populate the teeming reefs.


Snorkel Ao Nang (Koh Phi Phi)

The snorkeling in the crystal-clear and shallow waters around Koh Phi Phi is some of the kingdon's most mesmerizing and rewarding.
If you are lucky then, in addition to the guaranteed cornucopia of fish and corals, you will also see turtles and black-tip sharks.
For a bit of an adventure, create your very own feeding frenzy by bringing a few slices of bread along from your resort, sealed in a plastic bag.
When you see some particularly colourful critters, just start feeding them. The resulting feeding frenzy will surround you in a dizzying kaleidoscope of darting fish, but be aware that some of them might just, either accidentally or on purpose, have a nibble on you instead of the bread.
The snorkelling around Phi Phi is great, but staying on Koh Phi Phi is to be avoided, unless you can afford the more expensive luxury resorts on the east coast. For most people, the best way to snorkel Koh Phi Phi is to book the Koh Phi Phi day trip from Ao Nang.
Koh Phi Phi is off the Andaman coast, so has been spared the fish depletion problems that have damaged the snorkelling around Koh Tao - the snorkelling sites around Phi Phi still teem with numberless exotic fish.

Unfortunately, however, Phi Phi's international fame has now resulted in the tiny islands being inundated with visitors every high season.

Maybe have a go at ‘snorkelling meditation’: just lie motionless, face-down in the water and observing everything, but attempting not to attach to any of the physical or mental sensations that occur.


Snorkel Koh Lao Liang

On Koh Lao Liang island many travellers will feel as close to nature as they have ever felt.

Just off the tourist trail, this little-known hideaway is currently one of Thailand's top snorkelling destinations, with every colour of the rainbow represented by the vividly coloured fishes and corals.

Whilst these are spectacular enough, the highlight for many people is the chance to swim with doplhins, which approach to within 10 metres of the island's beach and which are often seen on boat trips.

The free snorkeling kit available can be a bit variable in quality, so it’s a good idea, if you want to avoid the possible need for facial reconstruction surgery afterwards, to bring your own or to try out a few masks before selecting the one you wish to use.
Whilst on the boat keep a beedy eye open at all times, particularly when your boatman is busy, as otherwise he might miss something amazing, such as a turtle coming up to breathe, or a manta ray resting on the bottom, just a few metres down and so easily within snorkelling range.
Click here for more info on Koh Lao Liang.



Snorkel Koh Tao

The snorkelling sites around Koh Tao have been inundated with swimmers for over a decade now, who have inadvertantly caused significant damage to the coral. Over-fishing in the Gulf of Thailand has reduced fish numbers, to such an extent that sometimes the snorkellers and divers seem to almost outnumber the fish. We no longer recommend Koh Tao as snorkelling destination.




We offer the following Thailand snorkelling packages :

Code Name Nights
SH1 Snorkel Thailand
STA Snorkel mid-Andaman Sea
6 or 9

All our packages can be shortened or lengthened to meet your requirements. Many different aaccomodation and activity options are available, or contact us for a customised itinerary tailored to your exact needs.


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