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Koh Lipe

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If Santa Claus had travel sense he would climb down every beach, snorkeling and scuba lover’s chimney, and leave a couple of tickets to Lipe under the Christmas tree.

Is it coffee mate ?
Is it white pepper?
Or is it maybe talcum powder?
No, it’s the silky-soft sand of Lipe’s superb Pattaya beach. In the image on the right, the viewer will see that the back of the boy on the left is covered with what appears to be talcum powder. Maybe click on the image for a closer look, it may be the finest sand you've ever seen.
The pristine perfection to be found on the beach extends into the water, where the crystal clear water begs the bather to come for a swim. Perfect for swimming at high and low tides, there is good snorkeling right off the beach.
Even better snorkelling, plus excellent scuba diving, is close at hand and can be easily accessed on daytips, see the 'Things To Do' section below.



It’s nice to report that a beach destination has improved over the last couple of years, as has happened on Lipe. Here's an update, as at May 2010:


The rubbish problems are much reduced, except on some of the budget stretches of Sunrise beach. The wet season sees huge amounts of garbage washed up on Lipe’s beaches, and it takes a while to clear it all up at the beginning of high season, so if rubbish upsets you, you’re best to avoid Sunrise beach until mid-December.


Bar Noise

The night-time bar noise that used to stop people sleeping is now a thing of the past, provided you choose a resort away from the party scene at Pooh’s or on Bila beach– as the island has moved up-market, more expensive resorts have moved in, and their owners have told the bar-owners to tone it down a bit.

There’s still a hopping nightlife scene on the island, and party travelers can drink till they drop all high season. The difference now is that those people who want to sleep can do so.


Longtail Boat Noise

The third problem that has bedeviled Lipe over the last few years, longtail boat noise, is still a problem.  
To Lipe’s boatmen it appears to represent an inch off the manhood to add a muffler to his engine, and all refuse to do so.

If you are a light sleeper, then there are only a few spots on Pattaya beach where you should stay – the Sita and Bundhaya resorts all stretch back from the beach, so visitors will be able to sleep there.




Pattaya Beach

Pattaya Beach is Ko Lipe's premiere stretch of sand, with some very good snorkelling to be had. The beach is going rapidly up-market, with a 5-star resort about to start construction. Longtail boat noise is a problem, and in peak periods it can feel like a parking lot for longtail boats, with only a small cordoned off section of water for everyone to share for swimming.


Sunrise Beach

Compared to Pattaya Beach, Sunrise Beach has a much more low-key atmosphere, and gets far less crowded. While there is some good snorkelling around the islets, Sunrise Beach gets more than its fair share of trash and debris.


Sunset Beach

Not surprisingly, this is the place on the island for sunsets, with terrific views over the channel to nearby Ko Adang. There is only one resort here, the downmarket Porn resort.


Things To Do




Luxury travellers are well catered for by the excellent Sita Resort, while the Mountain and Bundhaya resorts are the mid-range offerings. The Castaways Resort is a beautiful eco-lodge on Sunrise Beach.

While on Koh Samui and Phuket, over-development has seen backpackers banished to scruffy doss-houses in smelly back streets, this hasn’t happened on Lipe – there are still excellent budget options available, right on the beach. Most of the cheapest budget resorts are impossible to reliably book, so it’s necessary to just turn up, grab whatever is available, and then move to a better bungalow after a few days, once someone else has left. 


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Hotel Name.  Location.  Metres from Beach. Price. Show only
Sita Resort Pattaya Beach 1 $$$$ recommended
Idyllic Sunrise Beach 1 $$$$
Bundhaya Pattaya Beach 1 $$$ recommended
Mountain Resort Sunrise Beach 1 $$$
Castaways Sunrise Beach 1 $$$ recommended
Varin Beach Pattaya Beach 1 $$$
Ricci Inland 400 $$$
Blue Tribes Pattaya Beach 1 $$ recommended
Green View Pattaya Beach 1 $$
Forra Resort Sunrise Beach 1 $$
Thai Hut Inland 200 $$
Leepae Resort Pattaya Beach 1 $$
Paradise Resort Pattaya Beach 1 $
Kasirin Inland 500 $
Pooh's Inland 500 $
Tarutao Cabana Sunrise Beach 1 $
Co Co's Pattaya Beach 1 $
Moonlight Pattaya Beach 1 $ recommended
Zanom Sunrise Sunrise Beach 1 $
Lipe Beach Resort Sunrise Beach 1 $
Andaman Resort Sunrise Beach 1 $
Daya Pattaya Beach 1 $
Bila Resort Bila Beach 1 $
Gipsy Sunrise Beach 1 $
Varin Village Sunrise Beach 1 $
Porn Resort Sunset Beach 1 $
Pink Resort Pattaya Beach 1 $
Viewpoint Sunrise Beach 1 $
Pattaya Song Pattaya Beach 1 $

The island's top resort.

The architecture in this pricey resort will only appeal to some people

Reasonable value and located on a great stretch of beach

Stunning sunset views are the highlight of this value-for-money resort.

By far the island's most attractive mid-range resort.

Good for people who like densely-packed concrete resorts.

Good value for money in this inland resort, which is still close to all the beaches.

One of the very best choices on Pattaya beach, this resort has a particularly attractive beachfront reception/lounge area, and reasonable rooms.

The highlight here is the great beachfront location, and the low density of attractive, high-quality and naturally-constructed bungalows.

The comfortable and clean beachfront bungalows at this resort nestle in a lovely grove of vegetation. The resort has a comfortable lounge/bar/relaxation area, making it the best choice for the price band on Sunrise beach.

There's nothing special about these inland budget huts, but nothing particularly wrong with them either

This resort is in need of renovation

This is one of the best budget places on the island.

There is nothing wrong with this inland resort and, while the inland location won't please many, it is good value for money.

Lipe's most famous backpacker resort is still going strong. There is a great live music scene here during high season, so Pooh's is a great place to stay if you want to be right where the action is.

All expensese were spared in the construction of this resort, which is now in urgent neen of renovation.

One of the best budget choices on Sunrise beach

This is by far the best budget choice on Pattaya beach.

This rather uninspiring budget resort has nothing particular going for it, but is OK for a night or two.

This is an excellent choice, and great value for money.

This uninspiring concrete block resort is a reasonable choice when other better places are full

The great beachfron location doesn't make up for the shabby state of the bungalows.

Good value for money and a cool atmosphere, if you don't mind the walk to get there.

This review was removed at the owner's insistence.

These bungalows are unattractively laid out like a military camp, and the beach isn't kept clean here.

Dirty bungalows on a dirty stretch of beach.

This resort looks like it is about to be demolished.

These scruffy, dirty bungalows occupy a fantastic location - they are such a waste of a really beautiful spot

If you find large expanses of raw concrete attractive, this is the place fro you.


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