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Sita Resort, Koh Lipe

Independent Review

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By a mile Lipe’s best resort, the Sita oozes style, class and elegance. With room types that are perfect for all types of travelers, Lipe’s only 4-star resort is highly recommended.


Unusually for a 4-star resort, the first impression the visitor gets when arriving at the Sita isn’t so great, as the reception and beach-bar area are rather uninspiringly decorated.

These facts don’t however matter, as there are lots of more atmospheric beach bars nearby, and as the visitor won’t spend much time in reception. The pool is of a reasonable size and the snorkeling right off the beach is good, with clownfish poking their heads out of their anemone homes just yards from the beach.

While the reception and bar areas of the resort won’t wow, the rooms will. The real highlight of this resort is the exquisite style and taste which the rooms have been designed and finished, which is as good as many 5-star resorts.
With one exception, the Family Suite, the rooms are all light, airy, immaculate and comfortable. Whether it’s a beach retreat or a family base you’re looking for, the Sita has the perfect option for you.
The Sita is located on Pattaya beach, next to the ‘Peace and Love’ bar, which may be a candidate for being Thailand’s most rustic beach bar. When the big-resort atmosphere of the Sita starts to pale, just pop next door for a fruit shake or a beer – you can’t fail to enjoy the sea-views from underneath the shady sea banyan tree, while lounging in the very comfy hammocks, huts or on the beach-mats backed with driftwood and cushions.
The resort is located at the eastern end of Pattaya beach, which is the end which gets least longtail boat noise. The main drawback of Pattaya beach is this longtail boat traffic noise, which pollutes the airwaves.
As all of the accommodation at the Sita except the beachfront units is all set back from the beach, this isn’t such a big problem here at the Sita, except in the Beachfront units.



Pool View Deluxe

These popular rooms are decorated to the same very high standard as all the rooms in this resort. They are all situated very close to the pool and still close to the beach. The best units are those a bit further from the beach, as they suffer from hardly any longtail boat noise, whereas the units nearest the beach get more noise.
It all depends on your tranquility threshold – most people won’t feel that any of the pool View units are noisy, but those after a particularly quiet time are advised to  stay in a unit further from the beach.


Sea-view Deluxe

For those who like a great sea-view and are willing to stay 300 metres from reception to get one, these units are a reasonable choice.

These rooms are rather dark and a tiny bit gloomy when compared to the rest of the accommodation at the Sita.


Sea-view Suite

These units feature an ornamental garden between the bathroom and bedroom. For most people, the far-reaching sea-views are worth the 250 metre walk from reception, but other visitors are put off by this.
There are 3 of these units in the resort - the best one is the most westerly located unit, as it gets the best sea-view.


Beachfront Deluxe

These exquisitely decorated and appointed rooms are as difficult to find fault with as they are difficult to book – there are only two of them and they get booked up early.
Each unit includes an ornamental garden set between the bedroom and bathroom. Occupants of these rooms will hear a little night-time noise from the neighbouring bar, so visitors who like complete tranquility at night should stay elsewhere.


Honeymoon Suite

These superb rooms are decorated to a superlative standard, are faultless throughout, and exhibit the distinctive Sita style that makes this resort so desirable.
They are also good value considering the standard of facilities offered. There is a large L-shaped sofa, which is s perfect cuddling place for those on their first honeymoon, their second honeymoon, or their 33rd honeymoon. There are 2 of these units, the westernmost of them has the best views.


2-Bedroom Family Suite

These two bedroom units are currently Lipe’s best family option. By adding a double bed to the living room, 7 people can be comfortably accommodated.
The L-shaped sofa has space for 7 people, provided they’re not all adults. 


2-Bedroom Family Villa

There is only one of these units, and it doesn’t work terribly well. It has a private plunge pool and is built on 2 floors. One problem is that it is a bit gloomy in places, but the main problem is that parents of younger children have nowhere comfortable to sit while the tots play in the pool. The Sita architects’ skill and great taste seems to have abandoned them when they designed this unit. Also, the pool area gets no view.



Compulsory Gala Dinner on 31 December 2010: 3,500 Baht for adult and 1,750 Baht for child

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Andaman Sky, Co., Ltd, 454/2 Moo 1, Ao Nang, Thailand





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