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Khao Sok

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Khao Sok National Park is by far southern Thailand's best inland destination.



Khao Sok National Park is the largest area of virgin rain-forest in southern Thailand, thanks to the inadvertent efforts of a group of communist guerrillas.



Between 1975 and 1982 radical ex-students not only kept the Thai military at bay, they also kept out the loggers, miners and hunters who were threatening the region’s ecology.

Shortly after their insurgency fizzled out in 1982, the Thai government passed strict anti-logging laws.

Had it not been for the communist students’ seven year occupation, Khao Sok’s forests may well have gone the same way as much of the rest of Thailand’s wilderness – up in smoke.





Khao Sok National Park’s 739 square kilometers of virgin rainforest include spectacular waterfalls cascading down vertiginously towering limestone cliffs, complex cave systems and primeval jungle trails.

Most visitors explore the park on elephant-back, canoe or trekking day trips from resorts in the Khao Sok Visitor’s Centre, a small resort village near the park’s entrance.



In 1982 the nearby Paseng river was dammed in order to generate hydroelectric power, creating the huge and wonderfully atmospheric Cheow Larn Lake, 1 hour’s drive away from the resorts at the Khao Sok Visitor’s Centre.



Together, Khao Sok National Park and Cheow Larn Lake are currently southern Thailand’s best inland soft adventure destination, by a mile, offering the region’s best trekking, rafting, elephant trekking, tubing, canoeing and camping.



Visitors can either explore the park and lake on day-trips from Khao Lak or from the resorts in the Khao Sok Visitor Centre, or they can stay in or near the lake, either in tents or in the lake’s hugely popular floating bamboo bungalows.








The park and lake form a great soft adventure destination for couples and for families. Families with smaller children are advised against staying overnight, and to explore on day-trips while based in one of the resorts in Khao Lak or in Khao Sok’s Visitor Centre.  

For those who don’t mind roughing it a bit, a good way to see the lake is by joining a 2- or 3-day tour which combines foot trekking with canoeing, rafting and longtail boat exploration of the lake.  The tents and floating bungalows are clean but very basic, and have very thin mattresses.



If you have time, choose a 3-day tour in order to spend more time at the stunning Cheow Larn Lake, which is arguably the most beautiful place in southern Thailand.

After sleeping like a baby, rocked by the gentle swells of the lake on which your bungalow floats, you awaken to the territorial cries of gibbons in the canopy above (unlike the one in this image, who is pals with one of Khao Sok's daftest dogs and prefers sleeping indoors these days).


The surrounding hills are often covered in an atmospheric mist which, as it is slowly melted by the rising sun, is suffused with subtle shades of pink and amber.



Species diversity is high in Khao Sok.

The number of different fauna present in the fossil record increased markedly during the last ice age, when sea levels fell to such an extent that new land bridges formed from the Malaysian mainland to Borneo and to some of the Indonesian islands.

This opened up new migration routes to land-based animals.

Can you spot the lizard hidden in the jungle image on the left ?




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Kao Sok Tours


2d / 1n Cheow Larn Lake   Daytrip to Cheow Larn lake   Tubing
Jungle Trekking Day Trip   Canoing & Elephant Trekking Day Trip   Night Safari


Khao Sok Resorts


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Hotel Name.  Location.  Metres from Beach. Price. Show only
Tree Tops Outskirts 0 $$$
Tree House Visitor's Centre 0 $$$ recommended
Cliff and River Khao Sok 0 $$
Art's River View Outskirts 0 $$
River Lodge Outskirts 0 $$
Our Jungle House Outskirts 0 $$
Morning Mist Visitor's Centre 0 $$
Green Valley Visitor's Centre 0 $ recommended


This resort has the best tree houses in southern Thailand. The hoenymoon and family treehouses are particularly superb.

There are service issues at this attractive resort

Unfortunate architecture mars this well located resort

For those who are not worried by needing to take a a nighttime walk along jungle paths to reach their treehouse, this is a reasonable choice.

This is a good choice for couples, when the better Treehouse Resort is full

This is Khao Sok's best budget resort. The rooms are great value for money and spotlessly clean. The resort is run by a lovely Thai couple - Mr Ee-et is a mine of information on everything about Khao Sok, and his wife Ning is a good cook.

Getting There & Away

It is possible to take public transport to Khao Sok from either Phuket bus station or from Krabi bus station. Make sure you get there by mid-day and bring ear-plugs. You can alternatively book a shared and inexpensive minivan ride in any travel agency in Ao Nang or Krabi Town (expect to pay no more than THB 400).

A taxi ride from Phuket airport costs THB 3,500, a minivan is surprisingly the same, the journey takes about 2 hours. A taxi from either Ao Nang or Krabi to Khao Sok costs THB 2,800, a minivan costs THB 3,500, the journey takes 2 hours.

To turn the journey from Ao Nang to/from Khao Sok from a boring taxi ride into a fun day out, it is possible to book stopoffs at some worthwhile attractions. These attractions are as follows:

The following table gives the prices for private minivan/taxi rides with stopoffs from Ao Nang to or from Khao Sok. We are the only travel company that offers this stopoff service, which we offer in order to maximise your enjoyment of your holiday. We only accept bookings for transfers from customers who also book their hotels with us. Note that if you book one of the stopoff-transfers in the table below, then we will invoice you for the ammount shown in the Flat Fee Cost column. On arrival at the stopoff attraction(s), please pay, directly, the prices shown in the last 2 columns.

The "Total Detour Time" in the table below is in addition to the time taken to drive direct from Ao Nang or Krabi to/from Khao Sok, as is detailed 3 paragraphs above.

Stopoff Program Number

Pung Chang Caves

River Rest- aurant

Wat Bang Rian

Extra Driving Time Time at Attract-ions

Total Detour Time

Flat Fee Cost + Extra Cost Per Adult + Extra Cost Per Child
1     1 hr 2 hrs 2.5 hrs 4,500 500* 200*
2     1 hr 1.5 hrs 2 hrs 4,500 0 0
3     1 hr 1 hr 2 hrs 4,500 0 0
4   1.5 hrs 2.5 hrs 3.5 hrs 5,000 500* 200*
5   1.5 hrs 2.5 hrs 3.5 hrs 5,000 0 0
6   1.5 hrs 3 hr 4 hrs 5,000 500* 200*

* - Customer pays these prices direct at the attractions.


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