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Lom Lae Resort, Koh Yao Noi

Independent Review

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Sunset from Lom Lae, Koh Yao Noi

Lom Lae Resort occupies a better beach location than any but the much more expensive top three resorts on the island, the Koyao Island Resort, the Paradise Resort and the Evasson Six Senses Resort.

Lom Lae Resort, which closes every year from 1st May to 1st November, consists of a small number of bungalows built on a large plot of sea-frontage, a low density of accommodation which will please everybody who stays there and which makes every bungalow into a private, intimate little hideaway.  Koh Nok from Lom Lae, Koh Yao Noi
This is a great resort for couples and families alike. Couples will enjoy the hideaway feel, children will love running around the grounds and swimming in the sea, and parents will enjoy supervising their children from the comfort of their verandah or from the resort’s comfortable and charmingly rustic restaurant. The low visitor density means that there are never many children staying at once, so minimal disturbance is caused to the couples hiding away here.

This resort is quite a contrast with the busier hotels in Thailand’s better-known destinations, which at peak times are over-full with visitors. Even when full, Lom Lae never loses its half-empty feel. Tired couples and families arriving from Europe with some money, but not necessarily lots, are strongly recommended to consider this as a first stop on their Thai holiday.

Free wifi is available in all bungalows.

Such visitors should preferably fly directly from their home country into Phuket, from where the transfer to Koh Yao Noi island and Lom Lae Resort is speedily accomplished. Visitors can either organize their own transport or contact us to organize it at no extra cost.


Things To Do

This resort's lovely setting and low density provide a great start to a holiday, and its location provides a good base for some great day-trips, once the visitor has recharged batteries and collected some energy. Just a 20-minute paddle away from the resort is Nawk Island, and many visitors choose kayaking there as a very easy day’s activity early on in their holiday.

The views of Koh Yao Noi from the kayaks on the trip there are at least as much of a highlight as are the charms of Koh Nawk itself. The great thing about kayaking across to Koh Nok and back is that it forms such a gentle first day-trip. Other more energetic days are also available on Koh Yao Noi, one of the best destinations in Thailand for beach-based soft and extreme adventure sports. Click here for more things to do.



The small number of bungalows at Lom Lae are delightfully constructed in the rustic style at which Thai artisans are so accomplished. Each is a gorgeous little eco-world of its own, with wood taking the place of concrete and mosquito nets used instead of air-con.

The resort has now installed the somewhat-overdue water-heaters into the bathrooms. The resort has a variety of bungalow sizes to suit different groups, as follows:

  • The bungalows labelled 'Front Row', 'Second Row' and 'Jungle Facing' in the price table below all have one double bed.
  • The Family House has 3 double bedrooms, one of which is only suitable for children
  • Number 4 has 2 double beds in one bedroom, with a divider between the beds to give parents a bit of nighttime privacy (maybe put a bit of music on too, to mask nighttime noise and increase the passion factor)
  • Number 9 has 2 double beds and a single in one bedroom



The restaurant is well geared to feeding Western children and its Thai food is adequate. Lom Lae is close to the Laem Sai Seafood Restaurant, where every visitor is strongly recommended to dine at least once.



Lom Lae is on the expensive side, by Thai benchmarks, for the facilities provided (there is no pool or air-con). The prices are high by the standards of other more developed destinations such as Ao Nang, but Lom Lae is quite simply by far the best mid-range resort on Koh Yao Noi, so has no competition.

Whilst it is a little expensive, however, virtually nobody will be disappointed by Lom Lae, whose prime beach-front plot and charming rustic architecture, in this writer’s opinion, easily justify the prices.



Click here for more on Koh Yao Noi, here for holiday packages, here for other destinations.


Andaman Sky, Co., Ltd, 454/2 Moo 1, Ao Nang, Thailand




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