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Koh Ngai (Hai)

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Koh Hai is also known as Koh Ngai and is located just south of Koh Lanta. It is located in a group of three similar islands, the other two being Koh Mook and Koh Kradan.

It is a laid-back and quiet island.

There is good snorkelling only a few minutes from the island, around the islands which are pictured behind the red parasol in the image on the left.

People after an exciting time should look elsewhere.

As a place to recharge tired mantal and physical batteries, however, Koh Hao is just the ticket.

A visit here can be combined with visits to closely neighbouring islands to form an easy-going island-hopping holiday.
There are some good snorkelling daytrip options to Koh Ma (see below for an image).
A trip nearby to Koh Mook's Emerald Cave is a quality day out, except in peak season, when it is too crowded.

There aren't enough resorts on Koh Hai for it ever to get overcrowded.

After this one last image, we'll take a look at some resorts.



Koh Hai Resorts


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Hotel Name.  Location.  Metres from Beach. Price. Show only
Thapwarin Beach 1 $$$
Co Cos Beach 1 $$$
Chateau Hill Beach 1 $$$
Mayalay Beach 1 $$
Thanya Resort Beach 1 $$$
Fantasy Resort Beach 1 $$


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