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Koh Lao Liang - Snorkelling Off the Beach

lao liang

A recent account of snorkelling off the beach at Lao Liang:

"A large cloud of small bait-fish swam by.

I took off my life-vest (which had been supporting me in the most comfortable fashion as I had lazily floated and watched the marine life) and dived down, feeling pleased with myself for managing OK without coral-damaging flippers, as I’m usualy a weak swimmer without them.

lao liang


I swam straight through a cloud of tiny bait fish.


At one point all I could see around me were little black fish, illuminated by scattered rays of sunlight. nemo lao liang
yellow kll It was beautiful, just lovely.

The most beautiful thing about the experience was the way that they swam away from my moving limbs, almost as if by magnetic repulsion, all maintaining exactly the same distance from me.
snorkel kll
lao liang It felt like being clothed in fish. I don’t remember ever enjoying a snorkelling experience so much."


Snorkelling straight off the beach at Lao Liang is free of charge.





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