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Soft Eco-Adventure - Southern Thailand

Inclusive Package - 12 nights - Code EH1

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ao nang


This itinerary is specially designed for those who want to tread softly on those idyllic destinations that are still left in southern Thailand. Those who want to take home only memories, and leave behind only increased prosperity and environmental consciousness, will like this holiday.

Tourism is a mixed blessing. After the initial development, there all too often follows a complete envelopment of the environment and communities.

lao liang

In this itinerary we stick to destinations that have policies of sustainable development, and where the resorts plough profits back into the local economies, rather than sending them off to Bangkok or overseas.

Air-conditioning has to be the first thing that any eco-holiday must dispense with. Whilst it is impossible to stay cool with just a fan in a large concrete hotel, there are building methods which allow occupants to stay cool enough, even with the aid of just a fan.

One such building style is to leave an air-gap at the top of a bungalow's walls, and then fill the gap with mosquito netting. This air-gap lets out hot air and keeps the bungalow cool.

koh hong

Another factor that needs taking into account when designing an eco-itinerary is proximity of the accommodatgion to the beach. Beach-front bungalows benefit from sea breezes and are kept cool even without the aid of air-conditioning.

Beach-front bungalows in all the kingdom's developed destinations are prohibitively expensive so, in order to look after the environment at an affordable price, the eco-tourist must leave the beaten path and visit lesser-known islands, where beach-front accommodation is still affordable.

For most eco-travellers, this is no hardship. Such visitors tend to eschew the bright lights and thumping bars of the established destinations, in favour of a more relaxed holiday concentrating on harmony and relaxation. In this itinarary, the communal and sustainable enjoyment of unspoiled natural environments is paramount.




Thailand has several unspoiled and pristine islands left, and we have included two of them in this itinerary.

The first is Koh Yao Noi, which won the 2002 World Legacy Award for Destination Stewardship from National Geographic Traveler magazine.


The second is the eco-resort Koh Lao Liang, where visitors stay in safari-style tents. This is a unique and very special place, where the environmental impact of the resort is negligible. If the resort's facilities were to be dismantled and removed, the island would look precisely the same as before the resort was built. No trees were cut down and mimimal concrete was used in the resort's construction, thus preserving and show-casing the pristine tropical beach environment at its most beautiful.


khao sok
khao sok

In both of the above destinations air-conditioning is unnecessary due to the proximity to beach breezes. In our third destination, Khao Sok National Park, the use of air-con is unnecessary due to the higher altitude of the destination. Khao Sok is southern Thailand's best inland destination, and is a perfect base from which to explore the surrounding virgin jungle.


In order to take nature-lovers up close to the environment we have included several snorkelling and kayaking days in the itinerary, plus a jungle treking day and an elephant trek and river canoe ride in Khao Sok National Park, currently southern Thailand's best elephant trek, due to the pristine jungle environment and to the care taken of the animals.

khao sok
lao liang


Just because a holiday takes care of the environment doesn't mean it has to economise on thrills. For those with the desire to get up close and personal with less accessible parts of the planet, we can add in rock-climbing, scuba diving and deep water soloing into the itinerary. We know Thai adventure sports intimately and can provide you with as much or as little adrenaline rush as you want.


After pick up in Krabi, we take you to Khao Sok, which takes about 3 hours. You spend the next day in guided exploration of the National Park. The following day you go elephant trekking and lake canoeing. On day 4 we take you up to Cheow Larn lake, where you spend a night in a flaoting bungalow on the lake, and make a thorough exploration of the lake's flora and fauna.


On day 5 you are transferred to Koh Yao Noi, which takes about 3 1/2 hours.

The next day we load up kayaks on a traditional longtail boat 'mother-ship' and go lagoon exploring then, the next day, island-hopping.

On day 8 you board another ferry and slowly meander through the southern reaches of the Andaman Sea. Don't forget your sun-cream, as most people spend the entire time on deck, sun-bathing and marvelling at the stupendous scenery of karst rock-faces plunging vertiginously into the sea.

lao liang
lao liang

At the end of the 4 hour journey the almost impossibly beautiful island of Koh Lao Liang rears out of the sea in front of the boat. As you near the island you will hear other passengers wondering what this island is called, and if they can get off and stay here.

If you haven't booked a stay, however, you can't get off the boat, as you don't know if the island's single resort is full or not. This feels great, if you've already booked a stay at this little-known utopia. The envious looks of other passengers, who had never even heard of Lao Liang and are en route to manic Koh Lipe or crazy Koh Phi Phi, follow you as you disembark. There is no pier (always a good sign with a tropical isle) and you need to transfer to a smaller boat for the ride ashore. lanta
lao liang

For most people, their 3 nights on Koh Lao Liang eco-resort are the highlight of their trip, mainly due to the pristine beauty of the place, and to its super-relaxed yet sociable atmosphere. Click here for more on Koh Lao Liang. After arrival you go snorkelling off the beach at Koh Lao Liang. The next day you go kayaking to Lao Liang South. After a rest day you take the Koh Lao Liang snorkelling trip. The following day we drop you off in Krabi, Phuket or Ao Nang.

In order to make the 12-night package as affordable as possible we have included clean and comfortable, but budget Khao Sok and Koh Yao Noi hotels in the price. There is only one resort on Koh Lao Liang, so no alternatives are available there. nemo

In Khao Sok we have included accommodation at Green Valley Resort. Click here for alternative Khao Sok resorts. On Koh Yao Noi we have included accommodation at Ulmar's Nature Lodge. Click here for alternative Koh Yao Noi resorts.

Some travellers like to do a lot on holiday, others less. If you are of the latter type and find the above itinerary too busy, contact us for a custom-designed one. surins



Day 1

Pick up in Krabi, taxi transfer to Khao Sok (3 hours)

Day 2

Trek the National Park

Day 3

Elephant trekking and lake canoeing

Day 4

Overnight trip to Cheow Larn lake

Day 5

Transfer to Koh Yao Noi (3.5 hours)

Day 6

Lagoon exploring trip

Day 7

Island-hopping trip

Day 8

Rest day

Day 9

Transfer to Koh Lao Liang, then snorkelling off the beach.

Day 10

Kayaking to Lao Liang South.

Day 11

Rest day

Day 12

Snorkelling trip which includes optional deep water soloing

Day 13

Drop-off at Trang or Krabi

For a custom-designed holiday, contact us.

If you need help with domestic flights or hotel accommodation before/after the itinerary, contact us.




High Season

Peak Season

Low Season

15 Nov -20 Dec
11 Jan - 1 Apr

21 Dec -10 Jan

1 Apr -14 Nov

Per Adult (Based on 2 sharing)



Not available

Single Supplement



Not available


Childrens' prices - contact us for prices, they depend on the childrens' ages and room sharing arrangements

Package includes :

- all transfers
- accommodation
- activities listed
- equipment hire
- all breakfasts
- all dinners and lunches on Lao Liang and other lunches when on a day-trip
- insurance when on day-trips

Package excludes :

- food except where mentioned – budget for THB 600 / day up
- drinks
- diving (contact us in order to include diving in the above itinerary)
- general travel insurance


Any date from 15th Nov to 1st April


More Info

Click here for info on all the activities and destinations in southern Thailand


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