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Anyavee Resort, Railay

Independent Review

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This mid-range resort is a mediocre choice and should only be considered when better places are full. Couples should head for the Railay Highlands instead, while families are better off at the Diamon Cave.
The large pool at the Anyavee is well-equipped with loungers, and it is possible for families with small children to book adjacent bungalows overlooking the pool, so that parents can supervise their children while lounging on their balcony with their noses in books and only half an eye between them on the children frolicking in the pool.
These standard bungalows are the only worthwhile choice in this resort. For families, the best of these bungalows are the pair of concrete ones overlooking the pool, which are not at all a bad bet. If you book on this site we'll make sure you get the pair directly overlooking the pool. For couples the wooden bungalows further away from the pool are also a reasonable if pricey choice.
The resort's restaurant is adequate for breakfast and poolside lunches, but has a poor reputation for evening meals. In the evenings the restaurant is usually almost deserted, as most guests eat out after their first evening meal in.

Visitors shouldn't be fooled by the resort's claim of being 'on the beach', as the beach in question is Railay East beach, a muddy mangrove swamp which, whilst pretty enough at high tide, is anything but at low tide, when all sorts of rubbish is caught up in the magrove roots, spoiling the view and often adding a big of a pongy smell, which is thankfully not noticable in the resort itself. Whilst not on the beach, though, the Anyavee isn't too far from the fab West Railay and Phra Nang beaches.

People considering staying here, but who can't afford the better Railay resorts such as the slightly more expensive Sunrise Tropical, are advised to stay in Ao Nang instead, and visit Railay on day-trips. If the visitor is intent on staying on Railay, however, the standard bungalows are not a bad choice. All the more expensive accommodation options are over-priced and not recommeded




Only 3 years old, these bungalows are already showing significant signs of wear, but are clean and well-appointed, if cheaply built.
The whole resort seems to have been built using an 'all-expense-spared' method.
A reasonable family option is to take a pair of concrete bungalows overlooking the pool.
These bungalows, as well as overlooking the pool, are in better shape than the wooden bungalows. The image to the right is of the view from the concrete bungalows' terrace, conveniently overlooking the pool.


Family Room

These are amongst the worst value accommodation of anywhere in the whole country. There is just sufficient space to squeeze in two adults and two children, provided the kids are less than 1.60 in height. The children sleep on day-beds in the same room as their parents, so affording the adults no night-time privacy.


The TV faces the double bed and away from the kids' beds, which most children will vociferously complain about as a grevious injustice. The rooms' furniture, fittings and construction materials are cheap and nasty, and already looking worn after only a few years' use. Peeling paint and mouldering bathrooms are something that budget travellers learn to ignore, but at the prices charged for these rooms, people shouldn't have to put up with such grot.

Superior Room

The only thing impressive about these rooms is the huge price tag. Whilst there is nothing particularly wrong with them, they are simply nowhere near worth the tarrif charged. They have terraces with postage-stamp sized seaviews which will wow no-one.


In order to save a little money, the concrete terrace and steps were left untiled and painted instead, which leaves them looking cheap and nasty, the paint peeling off - everybody knows that you can't just paint a floor and expect it to look nice. This shoddy cost-cutting reinforces and emphasizes the air of economical building which is prevalent throughout the resort.


Standard Room

These rooms are the best-value couples and singles accommodation in the resort. This is not however such a marvelous achievement in this over-priced place.

These rooms are located close to the East sides' hopping party zone, where night-time noise is a certainty in high season, both outside and inside the rooms. Railay East is a great place for a wholsome nigth out and if the visitor has come for a party, then he presumably won't notice the night-time noise, so these rtooms are a good choice. For people after peace and relaxation, though, these rooms are not reccommended.



The above rates are net per room per night and inclusive of service charge and breakfast for 2 people.

Compulsory gala dinner:
Compulsory gala dinner on 31 Dec 09 is Baht 2,500 per adult and Baht 1,250 per child


Click here for more on Railay


Andaman Sky, Co., Ltd, 454/2 Moo 1, Ao Nang, Thailand




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