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Sunrise Tropical Resort, Railay

Independent Review

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This comfortable and beautifully designed resort currently offers some of Railay's best value for money accommodation options.
If the resort was situated on the nearby Railay West beach the prices would be at least 30% higher, but its posiiton at the southern end of the less desirable Railay East beach has kept the prices much lower.
It is situated at the best spot on the East beach and, although there is still no swimming on the beach, there are no mangrove swamps here to obscure the sea view from the attractive and comfortable restaurant, which is a good place to sit and watch the world go by and enjoy the tasty if rather expensive Thai and Wstern food on offer.
Many resorts of the East beach suffer from nighttime noise, but not this one. The pool os too small to get any exercise, but perfectly adequate for a cool-off dip or for smaller children.
The Sunrise Tropical resort, whilst not located on the prime West beach, is still well located in the centre of the peninsula, a mere ten minutes from anywhere except Tonsai beach (which only budget basement visitors bother with anyway).
The East side's hopping but wholesome nightlife scene is close but not too close, as are the West beach and Phra Nang beach.



These immaculate amd very comfortable rooms are excellent value for money as well as being spotlessly clean, light and airy.
The decor, whilst it won't wow anybody, won't offend anybody either.
These are a great choice for families, as the ground floor rooms connect with the Triple Rooms (see below) and as they are only a few metres from the pool.
This means that tots can go to and from the pool at will, while their parents can supervise them from their comfortable terraces, with a booked propped open and half an eye open.



These rooms, simlar to the above-described Double rooms, also benefit from the presence of a very comfortable lounger in the rooms. Both the above Doubles and these Triples are located on either the ground floor or the first floor of a single two-storey building. Families are advised to choose the ground floor units, whilst couples are advised to avoid them, due to the children running around, and to the better views from the first floor rooms.


Tropical Villa

These large bungalows are furnished and decorated to a very high standard, great value for money and highly recommended.
The surprising thing about these villas is that they are fully 7 years old, as bungalows deteriorate rapidly in a tropical environment and most show significant signs of wear at 7 years of age.
Not so the bungalows at the Tropical Sunrise, which are still immaculate, due to the resort's policy of a thorough annual renovation of all its units.
The hardwood floors gleam with care and glow with the rich colour that only years of polishing can impart, while the pastel walls, linen and curtains form muted backdrops on which are showcased vivid splashes of colour, in the shape of the brightly-hued silk cushions and bed-throws.
The end effect is really very impressive, an elegant understatement of class and taste. The visitor approaches his villa along charming jungle paths, above which coconut trees sway and squirrels hop from branch to branch in the lesser trees. This jungle setting surrounds most of the villas, most of which are cocooned in an atmospheric and private jungle setting.
Some have particularly private settings at the end of the lanes which lead to them - if you book on this site then we'll request one of the more private villas for you. Families can book two connecting villas, a double and a twin.


Tropical Villa Plus

These larger villas are ideal for honeymooners. In addition to all the facilities of the tropical Villas described above, they offer newly-weds various interesting spots for romance - besides the over-sized bed, there is a large chaise longue, a bathtub and a lovely outdoor shower complete with tropical shrubbery and trees festooned with orchids.

Tropical Villa Plus Junior

Love-birds whose pockets are quite deep enough to stretch to the tropical Villa Plus won't find it too much of a hardship to settle for the 'Junior' variety, which is the same as the above-described 'Tropical Villa Plus', without the outdoor shower. These units are very good value fvor money.


We thought we'd finish up with some images of the resort's food, which has a good reputation.



The above rates are net per room per night and inclusive of service charge and breakfast for 2 people.

Compulsory gala dinner:
Compulsory gala dinner on 24 Dec 09 is Baht 2,500 per adult and Baht 1,250 per child
Compulsory gala dinner on 31 Dec 09 is Baht 3,500 per adult and Baht 1,750 per child


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Andaman Sky, Co., Ltd, 454/2 Moo 1, Ao Nang, Thailand




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