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Calypso Dive Trip from Phuket to Phi Phi

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From time to time, we come across a dive trip which occupies a particularly convenient niche and will suit many off our customers. the Calypso overnight dive trip to Koh Phi Phi via the mid-Andaman dive sites is such a trip and we are delighted to recommend it to you.  

Calypso Divers offers an action-packed two days/one night dive trip off Phuket and Phi Phi Islands. For many years Calypso Divers have been a PADI 5* Star Dive Center. Their amazing dive package consists of 7 dives over the course of two days, at some of the best dive spots off Phuket, including a night dive and a wreck dive. If you are an adventurous traveler who loves to scuba dive, let us book this trip for you. You will not be disappointed.  This trip leaves two days a week, Mondays and Fridays, and includes equipment, all meals and a stay overnight at an oceanfront resort in Phi Phi Don.  Calypso also provides all Phuket hotel transfers in the Kata, Patong and Karon areas.

Dive sites include Shark Point, which is only 800 meters away from Anemone Reef and was the first reef in Phuket to be put under nature conservation. Shark Point is named after the docile leopard sharks that laze around the reef, dozing in the sand.  It consists of a row of three reefs and is covered in anemones and other soft corals, and is home to huge Gorgonians and Barrel Sponges along side the pinnacles, and one of the rocks is home to sea horses, which your guide will be quick to point out, should you be lucky enough to see them. Also, on your safety stop, you can look up and see schools of squid just below the surface.  At a depth of 5-24 meters, with visibility of 12-25 meters and very little current, this is a dive for beginners to advanced, and it hosts the largest variety of fish and sea corals of all the dive sites included on this trip.

The second and third dive sites are two of the most popular and beautiful sites, Bida Nai and Bida Nok, at the southern tip of Phi Phi Le. Expect to be amazed by the huge gardens of staghorn and star corals and fish life density and variety that is rivaled by few sites worldwide.  At Phi Phi Islands the topography from the surface is absolutely stunning with monolithic limestone mountains rising vertically from the sea and soaring to heights of more than 500 meters.  

Underwater you’ll find an amazing environment of caves, overhangs and swim-through areas in the sift rock. Dives include sheer walls that plunge from the surface to over 25 meters. These walls are teeming with life and are host to soft and hard corals, fans, black corals, sea whips, tropical reef fish of all varieties, including octopus and leopard sharks to name a few. The diving is spectacularly scenic and suitable for all levels of experience. Visibility is usually 10 – 20 meters and the currents are only moderate.

These dives are followed by dinner and then a spectacular night dive, after which you will check in at the overnight accommodation and relax from a fun-filled, action-packed day.  The following day, after breakfast, divers will experience a fifth dive at Phi Phi island followed by snacks and a sixth dive at a wreck site, the King Cruiser Wreck site.   

On May 4th, 1997, the 85m long and 25m wide King Cruiser ferry collided with a reef on its way from Phuket to the Phi Phi Islands. She took 2.5 hours to sink, and in that time, all 600 passengers were brought to safety.  The bottom of the wreck lies at 32 meters but the ferry's deck can already be visited at a depth of 12-18 meters. Due to the safe recovery of the ferry's crew and passengers, diving at the wreck is permitted.  Now the wreck is already completely overgrown with coral, mussels, shells and fish accept it as a tropical coral reef.

After lunch is the seventh and final dive at Koh Dok Mai, which is only 1 hour away from Phuket.  Divers at this limestone Island will marvel at the sheer walls rising up in the sky. The same thing can be found below the surface, that is, straight walls dropping down to the bottom. On the walls you will find lots of clams and corals like Whip corals, huge Gorgonian sea fans and a great variety of soft corals.  

While facing the wall, divers will be encouraged to look back sometimes to see Barracudas and other pelagics in the blue sea, but what this site is the most popular for is macro. The walls house an enormous diversity of shrimps and nudibranch. More rare organisms like Ornate Ghostpipe fish and Frog fish can be found here as well, making this a beautiful and interesting dive to end your 2 day dive trip.


First Day - Monday or Friday


pick up guests in Patong Area


pick up guests in Kata / Karon area


departure from Ao Chalong harbour




1st dive at Shark Point




2nd dive at Phi Phi Islands (Ko Bida Nok)


fruits + snacks


3rd dive at Phi Phi Islands (Ko Bida Nai)




4th dive at Phi Phi Islands (night dive)


check-in at accommodation on Phi Phi Island

Second Day - Tuesday or Saturday


check-out from Phi-Phi accommodation


breakfast (if you stayed at our accommodation)


5th dive at Phi Phi Islands


fruits + snacks


6th dive at King Cruiser Wreck




7th dive at Koh Doc Mai


arrival to Ao Chalong harbour, transfer back to hotel



10,900 Baht per diver, including Twin share accommodation.

7,900 Baht per diver without the 1 night accommodation on Phi-Phi
(for this option we will arrange alternative accommodation for you on Phi-Phi for the 1 night)

Contact us to book.

Andaman Sky, Co., Ltd, 454/2 Moo 1, Ao Nang, Thailand





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