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Outrigger Phi Phi Resort

Independent Review

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If your idea of a tropical beach resort is a long stretch of golden sand fronted by azure waters and backed by a row of swaying palms and thatched cottages, then you're on the right page.

This resort is located on its own private beach, tranquil Lo Bagao beach, a twenty minute boat ride from the party mania on the central Phi Phi isthmus. In the image on the left, this is the beach in the foreground - you can see the Phi Phi isthmus behind it.
At either end of the lengthy beach there is coral to be snorkelled, with the best coral, and a fair number of nemos, and cousins, to be found off the northern end of the beach. It is possible to swim in the crystal clear water at any time, though at low tide it takes a fair while to reach the sea.

Typically Thai hospitality is in precedence from the moment the visitor steps ashore, with a cool face-cloth waiting on the beach and a delicious iced coconut drink waiting in the lobby.

The resort's great taste starts here, with ochre tones complementing the row of sprouting coconuts, decorated eith lillavadee flowers, with form a decorative backdrop to the the reception desk.


This first impression of the resort is one that nothing subsequently dispels, but is rather reinforced as one becomes at ease in the atmosphere of class and great taste - this is blended harmoniously, rather than superimposed, onto a superb natural setting.
With an enormous swimming pool, a huge private beach, lovely accommodation options and a great reputation for food and service, it's no surprise that this is one of Koh Phi Phi's top resorts.
Unsurprisingly, the resort is a popular wedding and honeymoon choice.


Besides the class and style this resort oozes, a major draw is the low density of the accommodation here - the resort is blessed with a huge private beach and a large area behind it, so there has been no need to squash the bungalows tightly together.

Due to this and to the size of the pool, this resort never feels overcrowded, even in peak season.



Superior Bungalow

These, and also the other bungalow types in this resort, are great examples of exactly how a Thai beach bungalow should be built. Concrete must be used to keep the bugs at bay, but all too often it ends up overpowering the natural surroundings. This is not the case at this resort, where the inner walls are lined with bamboo and floored with wood, and whose thatched roofs are supported by in-the-round timber poles.
Mature palms and lush jungle foliage surrounds the bungalows, and is visible through the several large windows, which admit plentiful light and air. A pair of comfortable wooden loungers sit on each terrace. Visitors may like to be nearer the restaurant and pool, or further away for more privacy, contact us to discuss for your requirements.


Deluxe Bungalow

These larger and plusher units are all on the 2nd row, behind the beachfront accommodation. Some have small sea-views and others have no sea-view at all - contact us for a room with a view. These bungalows have two terraces - in addition to a terrace at the front furnished with 2 comfy wooden loungers, there is a second terrace to the side, which is a perfect place for an outdoor nap (there are 2 more loungers here) or maybe to have a game of backgammon (there is also a table and 2 chairs).


Beachfront Junior Suite

These units are similar to the Deluxe units, but are on the front row, right in front of the beach. They have jacuzzis, rainwater showers, and all have superb views. Guests can choose to have breakfast in bed - just place your breccy order in a little bamboo holder outside your room, and in the morning wait for your chosen time.

Some guests will prefer a bungalow near the restaurant at the northern end of the beach, while others will like one at the southern end of the beach near the pool. Most guests, however, prefer the more private units right in the middle of the beach.


Hillside Pool Villa

Thailand has plusher hotel villas, but the kingdom has few luxury villas that blend so harmoniously into such a superb natural environment.

Two extra beds can be installed in the living room to give parents night-time privacy from their children, making these a great family choice. The villas are located on the hillside behind the resort, and a 24/7 buggy service is available down to the pool, restaurants, reception and beach (and necessary, as it is a fair walk up the hill to reach the villas).
The really lovely thing about these villas is the way they were built to complement the natural surroundings - trees stick straight through bathrooms, extensive use of soft and hardwoods has been make throughout, and the thatched roofs and pastel paint jobs make the buildings blend in beautifully to their lush jungle hillside settings.
Magnificent views to the north and east towards Railay and Ao Nang complete the picture of an architypically Thai tropical idyll.




Andaman Sky, Co., Ltd, 454/2 Moo 1, Ao Nang, Thailand




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