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Railay Sailboat Trip, with optional Snorkelling, Deep Water Soloing and Island Hopping

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Trip Report


This page describes our private sailboat trips around the Railay peninsula. Deep water soloing is a popular optional activity, as is snorkelling.

Note that in high season winds are slight, so the sail is mainly there for beautification, will probably hardly be used, and may not be used at all.

We only offer private deep water soloing trips, as the safety and quality standards of join-on trips do not meet our standards, click here for more on deep water solo safety.

We offer deep water solo trips by private longtail boat and also by private sailboat. These trips are available for pickup/dropoff in either Railay or Ao Nang.  

Even those with pockets shallower than the Mariana Trench can afford to charter a small yacht and take a private snorkelling and/or deep water soloing trip around the Railay peninsula.

For many people, just the fact that they can afford to charter a sailboat for a day is enough to put them on top of the world. For optimal results, do what we did:  keep it a secret from your group.

Tell them you hired a long tail boat for the day, and just as you reach the yacht, say "nah, let's take this sailing boat instead".  And then watch as their mouths open wide enough to catch flies or fish!  Yes, you too can feel like a millionaire, if only for a day


Recent snorkelling & DWS trip report on the Sailboat MV Loo Ong 

As there wasn't enough wind in the morning to put up the sail, we motored out to Poda Island.  

The trip started off as it continued, passing what felt like our own personal panorama of gorgeous limestone rock formations covered in tropical flora, rearing from the sea and dripping stalactites like wax from a candle.
Sea Eagles and Osprey soared overhead, reminding us how powerful and perfect nature truly is.

As we were at mid-tide, the rocks took on interesting new shapes as their underbellies were exposed to the sea air.  

Pulling up to the back side of Poda Island, we marveled at the close-up view of sheer cliffs, covered in greenery, that form the chain of small karst islands for which this part of the Andaman Sea is famous.  

A few passengers on our trip excitedly pointed out a large Manta Ray very near our boat that exposed its white underside.  

At the back of Poda Island, in a protected bay, lies the perfect spot for deep water soloing, a climb that can be done easily with no ropes or equipment, aside from climbing shoes.  

Climbers can go as high as they please and then jump from the rock into the emerald green waters below.  

Here there are traverses as well as striated rock that allow for an relatively effortless climb, making this a good day trip for kids and adults alike, and so long as one knows how to swim, this is a perfect activity for kids 8 and up.

The deep water solo routes cover the full range of climber abilities, from very easy to very hard.

Deep water soloing is the ultimate wake up call for the mind and body, heightening all the senses.  To climb unemcumbered by rope and gear, it truly is a liberating experience.  

All you need are climbing shoes, which were provided by the tour operator. Shorts are good too, unless you really want to show off.  All human beings are born with fight or flight instincts and this adventure is no exception to the adrenaline pumping rule.  

One climbs and logically thinks one is going to fall, however, in this case, that is the entire point, because falling will result in nothing more than a soft, wet landing.  

This release of adrenaline is a nice contrast to our normally sedentary lifestyles.  Climbers in our group all agreed that the easiest routes were actually pretty easy; the only real challenge was climbing up the ladder that leads to the rock

After all the exhileration, we settled down to a lunch of sticky rice and fried chicken, a staple in Thailand.  Of course, if meat is not your thing, you can let us know and we will be more than happy to order vegetarian fare as well.  

When finished with lunch, some of us lounged on the sailboat, others swam. This spot was also perfect for bird watchers, as eagles flew above us, we also spotted Osprey, Herons and even a lone Hornbill flying up high into the cliffs.  


Our trip could have ended there and everyone would have been satisfied.

Instead, we decided to motor over to Chicken Island (see the image to the left) and do some snorkeling.

Named for a massive protrusion of rock that resembles the neck and head of a chicken, this island is a favorite nearby destination for snorkelers. 

Since we had booked a customized tour, we asked the captain to anchor at the back of Chicken Island where the snorkeling is also good, but where the crowds do not exist as they do in front of the island where the long tail boats drop snorkelers.  

We saw lovely reef fish, including Clown fish, Angels, Parrot fish and other colorful reef creatures while we enjoyed a leisurely hour or so snorkeling just a quick swim from the sailboat.  

We also noticed the throngs of fruit bats that roost on Chicken Island during the daytime and fly overhead at sunset to Krabi for the evening.  

Afterwards, as the sun was beginning to set, our group decided it was time to head back to shore. Since the wind was up, we put the sails up and sailed all the way home.  All in all, we had a lovely trip and would certainly do it again.

If you are looking for spot of practice before the big regatta, then this is not your trip, as when we went the sailing boat only reached about 4 knots.  

However, if one fancies a gentle cruise (the boat does 3 knots tops while motoring) around the islands surrounding the Railay Peninsula, then we would be happy to help this become a part of your itinerary.


The sail boat is 36 feet long and is comfortable for up to 6 people. We went with 9 people and had a great time. The maximum allowable number of customers is 10. It can not be described as a luxury boat, as the paint is peeling a bit in places, but at the price offered, it does offer good value for money.



Contact us for prices. Note that we can lay on a more economical private trip on a longtail boat, contact us for prices for a longtail boat deep water solo trip.




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