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Villa Cha Cha Guest House, Bangkok

Independent Review

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This modest but cosy and comfortable place is our choice for the best reliably bookable budget place to stay in the Khao Sarn zone.


It is located on Rambuttri Road, a street parallel and next to fun Khao Sarn Road. There are clean and cheaper places to stay around Khao Sarn, such as the Erawan and the New Siam, but they are not reliably bookable.

In low season this isn't a problem, but in high season you may find that when you arrive at the Earawan or New Siam, they have 'lost' your booking.
Budget places that don't have the ability or facilities to charge a deposit, so know that there is a good chance that people will no-show, so they don't feel obliged to honour bookings. So, in high season it's best to book in advance, and to do this the Villa Cha Cha is a good choice.

The Villa Cha Cha (translated, this means 'slow down') is indeed a a good place to take it easy, as it has lots of comfortable places to sit and lounge, and various comfy 'chill out' corners. The pool is small but worthwhile. Soft music plays.

The guest house provides free wifi throughout. Maybe the thing that's best about the Cha Cha is the care that has gone in to fitting out the lounge area with loads of Thai objets d'art, which make it an interesting and attractive place to spend time.

Unusually for a guest houe that offers air-con rooms, the modern air-con units can be turned up high enough to make the room cool. In most guest houses with air-con, the air-con units are restricted to waft the occasional wisp of cool air into the room, but not to keep the room cool, so you are better off with a fan room.

The breakfast here is not included in the room rate, which is just as well, as it isn't very good. Visitors are recommended to breakfast somewhere else.



Royal King

These are slightly bigger than the similar Junior King rooms and have a bigger bathroom, but are not recommended, as they are not a significant improvement over the Junior King rooms.

Royal Queen

These are slightly bigger than the Junior Queen rooms and have a bigger bathroom, but are not recommended, as they are not a significant improvement over the Junior Queen rooms.

Junior King

The 7 foot bed is big enough to share with a child. It is possible to order an extra bed for a second child (the extra bed is actually a fold-up mattress which is placed on the floor).

These spotless air-con, hot shower rooms all have windows, but no views, and are not noisy. This is the best budget choice for a family in the Khao Sarn zone, and also in Bangkok (unless you don't mind staying somewhere really boring).


Junior Queen

These spotless, air-con, hot shower rooms are called 'junior queen' rooms but actually contain a king sized bed. There is enough room for a mattress on the floor. None of the rooms have views, some of the rooms have windows, some do not - if you would like a room with a window you need do nothing, as we automatically request one of the window rooms when booking this room type.

The rooms are not noisy, and none have worthwhile views. These rooms are the best budget choice in the Khao Sarn zone for a couple.


None of these rooms have windows, and they are not recommended.


Some of these small rooms have no windows, others have windows. Some have twin beds, others a double bed. They are not recommended for couples, as couples should at least try and find the money for one of the bigger Junior Queen rooms. For a pair of travellers who don't want to share a bed, however, they are an economical choice in this great area, as twin rooms are hard to find in the Khao Sarn area for people who need to book in advance.




The above rates are net per room per night and inclusive of service charge and breakfast for 2 people.

Hotel website: Click here for more on Bangkok, here for holiday packages, here for other destinations.


Andaman Sky, Co., Ltd, 23/8 Moo 2, Ao Nang, Thailand


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