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People watching

Like any great city, Bangkok is a great place to watch your fellow humans at work and play. Maybe the best place to do this is on one of the most cosmopolitan and busiest streets in the capital, the backpacker centre Khao Sarn Road. This street has improved a lot since a few years ago, when it was populated by a boringly homogenous set of people whose Thai-fisherman clothes jarred with their silly hairstyles and whose conversation, which mostly revolved around narcotic excesses on Koh Phi Phi and at Koh Phangan's Full Moon Party, included the words 'like' and 'mai pen rai' (this means "no problem" in Thai) irritatingly often.

Recently Khao Sarn has become popular with Thais and a more varied set of Westerners, and at weekends takes on an almost carnival atmosphere, with live music, peculiar street performances and the world's highest concentration of VW minibuses converted into bars. Maybe while away a while gossiping about the relationships between the random strangers who pass ("is that her granddad or is it her boyfriend?"), or hone up your fashion sense by discussing the fashion faux pas of the passing throngs.

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