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Paradise and Pimalai Honeymoon Package

Inclusive Package - 12 nights - Code HMPP

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This honeymoon offers stays at the two most romantic resorts on the Andaman Coast.

koh lanta sunset

The two Andaman coast destinations chosen are both off-the-beaten-track ones:

Koh Yao Noi This totally laid-back island is a perfect way to unwind at the start of your trip. The Jacuzzi Deluxe bungalows included at the Paradise resort offer the best value luxury romance in the region.
Koh Lanta The honeymoon concludes with a luxury stay on the Andaman coast's best beach. A Deluxe room at exclusive Pimalai resort, the region's best located 5 star resort, is included.


emerald cave - koh muk

Visitors wishing to spend a significant length of time on hectic Phuket and/or Samui are advised to book elsewhere.

While we can competitively book a short spell on Phuket for you, we aren't the agency to use if you want to spend your whole holiday on either of these islands.

We don't specialise in them, due to not particularly recommending them, due to their over-development.

This honeymoon itinerary is meant for honeymooners who will get bored if they spend their whole holiday in just one beach resort, so prefer to stay at two different destinations.

Honeymooners who just want one destination should check out our single-destination honeymoon.

Some honeymooners prefer three destinations - such couples should consider our three-destination luxury beach honeymoon.

ao nang
paradise, koh yao noi The honeymoon on this page, HMPP, consists of 6 nights each in two quiet destinations, Koh Yao Noi and Koh Lanta.

Couples who would like help with resorts on Phuket or in Bangkok at the beginning and/or end of their vacation should contact us.

paradise, koh yao noi

Many people choose to go on honeymoon to only a single destination because they don't want to waste time on transfers between destinations. This is understandable but a shame, as many couples will bore of a single resort for two weeks.


In order to overcome the transfer problem we have turned the inter-destination transfers into enjoyable days in their own right. This has been achieved as follows:

(a) Between Koh Yao Noi and Koh Lanta we lay on a private boat transfer across Phang Nga bay, stopping to swim, kayak and snorkel at Koh Hong
(b) Between Koh Lanta and Krabi airport, we stop for an elephant trek and/or a visit to the Tiger Cave temple


We know that the two resorts included in this honeymoon are to be highly recommended, as we have visited and reviewed all the worthwhile resorts in all these destinations.

This expert local knowledge (we are based here) also means that we know which are the best room types and which are the best room numbers too.

This unequalled local knowledge is why this itinerary offers the best daytrips and the best value luxury resorts available in the more off-the-beaten-path destinations on the Andaman coast.


Spa Seassions

Both of the two resorts in the itinerary, Paradise resort on Koh Yao Noi and Pimalai on Koh Lanta, have quality spas.
We have included two spa sessions at each resort.


Thailand Honeymoon - Itinerary

The vacation starts off with a 6 night stay in the best value luxury bungalows on the Andaman coast, the Jacuzzi Deluxe bungalows at Paradise resort on Koh Yao Noi.

Koh Yao Noi

The resort can be reached in 3 hours from Phuket airport, provided the couple's flight arrives by 2pm. Later arrivals will need to spend the night in a Phuket hotel. After arrival at Paradise resort on day 1, the relaxing second day is enlivened by a spa session and romantic dinner.

After relaxing on day 2, most couples are ready for a spot of soft adventure on day 3, so we have included a lagoon kayaking trip into stunning Phang Nga bay into the itinerary.

This is the least crowded lagoon kayaking day-trip on offer in Phang Nga bay, as (a) it starts from Paradise resort, located on the the northern tip of Koh Yao Noi, which is ideally located to reach lagoons inaccessible to the hordes of visitors staying in Phuket's 600 hotels and (b) it avoids tourist traps like James Bond Island.

We get top feedback about this lagoon kayaking trip, to which we can add in a spot of optional and great fun deep water soloing, for which no prior experience is ncecessary, at no extra charge.

Over the next few 3 days the itinerary is leisurely, with just enough activities included to banish boredom. A spa session, a short boat trip and two romantic beachfront candlet-lit dinners are included to up the romance factor, with the romantic highlight being a private sunset island beach barbeque

On day 7 we transfer you from the beach in front of Paradise resort to the mainland. En route you stop to swim, kayak and snorkel at stunning Koh Hong. A private taxi then takes you to Koh Lanta and Pimalai resort.


Pimalai resort on Koh Lanta is arguably the best resort in the entire region. It is certainly the best located one, occupying most of pristine and and quiet Kantiang beach.

Day 8 is spent in-resort, soaking up the tranquil beauty of Kantiang bay, which has a strong claim to having the best beach in the region. A romantic dinner completes a perfect day.

After a day of relaxation, we up the tempo a little on day 9 with a snorkelling trip to Koh Rok or the Four Islands Trip or a snorkelling trip to Koh Haa.

The remaining time at Pimalai is spent on romantic meals, spa sessions and on relaxing in the region's top resort. We haven't included many activities at Pimalai as most people like to spend a lot of time in-resort. If you would like more activities please contact us.

If you would like to add an extra activity to the Lanta half of the itinerary then we recommend you hire a motorbike and go exploring the quiet, sandy trails around the southern tip of the island - this is an optional extra which you can book at reception on impulse.

Pimalai has an excellent spa, so we have included two separate spa sessions in the itinerary. The resort's 5 restaurants offer a wide range of dining possibilities. We have included two candle-lit a la carte dinners for two in the itinerary.

On day 13 we transfer you to Krabi airport. As the transfer is a longish one, we break it up into sections, stopping for an elephant trek and/or a visit to the Tiger Cave temple. If you need to be transferred back to Phuket, please add THB 2,500 to the price for 2 pax.




Day 1 Pickup Phuket airport, transfer to Paradise resort on Koh Yao Noi, check in for 6 nights in a Jacuzzi Deluxe bungalow.
Day 2

Afternoon - Spa session. Evening - romantic candle-lit a-la-carte toes-in-the-sand dinner for two (food included).

Day 3 Lagoon kayaking daytrip, with optional deep water soloing.
Day 4 Evening - dinner and drinks trip to a sunset restaurant and a beach bar (food and drink not included).
Day 5 Afternoon - 2 hour island beach boat trip. Evening - private sunset island beach barbeque
Day 6 Afternoon - Spa session. Evening - romantic candle-lit toes-in-the-sand dinner for two (food included).
Day 7 Beachfront to beachfront private boat transfer from the beach in front of Paradise resort to the mainland. En route, you stop to swim, kayak and snorkel at stunning Koh Hong. Private taxi to Koh Lanta, check into a Deluxe room at Pimalai resort, 6 nights including breakfasts.
Day 8 Evening - romantic candle-lit a-la-carte toes-in-the-sand dinner for two (food included).
Day 9 Snorkelling trip to Koh Rok or Four Islands Trip or Snorkel Koh Haa
Day 10 Afternoon - Spa session. Evening - romantic candle-lit a-la-carte 3 course dinner for two (food included).
Day 11 Optional extra motorbike exploration trip
Day 12 Afternoon - Spa session. Evening - romantic candle-lit a-la-carte 3 course dinner for two (food included).
Day 13 Drop off at Krabi airport. En route stop for an elephant trek and an optional extra visit to the Tiger Cave temple

All breakfasts are included in the itinerary.


Optional Extensions

This itinerary can be customised to exactly your requirements. Most couples take advantage of our itinerary-tailoring service, which is free. Perhaps you fancy adding in a few nights in Bangkok, staying at the Vie hotel in an enormous, opulent and inexpensive Deluxe Suite and going on a romantic river dinner cruise. The next day a guided palace visit and/or a spot of guided shopping are the most popular choices.

treehouse resort Another optional extension is a stay in an almost impossibly romantic luxury treehouse in Khao Sok. After Khao Sok, you can add in a an overnight visit to a rafthouse floating on Cheow Larn the lake.

The options are almost endless - if you want a real Robinson Crusoe holiday then contact us and we'll add some very quiet, remote islands into the itinerary.

The itinerary starts at Phuket airport and finishes at Krabi airport, contact us for pickup and/or dropoff elsewhere.

koh lanta

Alternatively, maybe you would like to start or end your itinerary with a few extra nights in one of the following destinations, click on a destination for more or contact us for advice - we cover all the worthwhile destinations on the Andaman Coast, so can advise you on the best destination for you:

For longer honeymoons, contact us for an itinerary that alternates quiet with livelier destinations, in order to add further changes of pace to the tempo of your vacation. koh lao liang
koh lanta For a custom-designed holiday, contact us. For a longer or shorter itinerary, contact us.
If you need help with domestic flights or hotel accommodation before/after the itinerary, contact us. koh lanta



The prices below are for 2 people and include all breakfasts. The prices quoted below are unbeatable, market-beating value for these two resorts, if you would like us to prove this to you, contact us.


High Season

Peak Season

Low Season


1 Nov -20 Dec and
11 Jan -30 Apr

21 Dec -10 Jan

1 May -31 Oct

Per Couple

THB 183,000

Contact us

THB 112,000

Note - in high season all dinners at Pimalai are included.



Any day, year round.


Service Level

This itinerary qualifies you as a VIP customer, so on arrival on Koh Yao Noi you will be lent a mobile phone, using which you can contact us to advise us of any problems or any changes required.

We also use the phone to call you if required, to stop you getting lost on your itinerary.

This is a brain-free holiday. We send you a set of e-vouchers, one for each activity, tranfer and resort - all you have to do is be in reception at the times indicated in the set of vouchers.

This means you are spared having to think about what to do next and how to book it, and where to go next and how to get there. All you need to do is switch off and relax.


More Info

Click here for more on honeymooning in Thailand. Click here for info on all the activities and destinations in southern Thailand


Andaman Sky, Co., Ltd, 454/2 Moo 1, Ao Nang, Thailand



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