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Beach & Lagoon Exploration (with Kayaking)

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Website author's note: "I went on this trip again in September 2013 and am happy to report that it still offers, in my opinion, Thailand's very best kayaking experience - we didn't see anybody else all day and the stunning natural beauty was in as pristine a condition as the last time I visited. Thankfully these lagoons are out of daytrip range of people staying in Phuket's 300 hotels, so hopefully this lovely slice of paradise will stay this stunning."

This kayaking and beach-combing daytrip is highly reccommended for those who love nature - and dislike crowds.

The itinerary starts with relaxation on the pretty beach inside Koh Kudu's lagoon, which is a shady and quiet spot in which to soak up a few rays. After mounting kayaks, we then circumnavigate the island and paddle on to Koh Roi, which takes about an hour. After lunch on the beach we enter Koh Roi's lagoon. A small window from the sea gives access to the inside of the lagoon. Access is by kayak at high tide and on foot at low tide.

The image of the left shows the beach and the lagoon entrance on Koh Roi. In order to see the lagoon entrance, click on the image on the left to get a bigger copy - the lagoon entrance is the small 'window' in the rock, just to the right of the beach. Entering Koh Roi's silent and almost always deserted lagoon is, for many people, one of the most sublime experiences of their whole lives. The rock walls tower all around and the only sounds to disturb the stillness are birdsong and perhaps the sound of a monitor lizard slipping into the water.
Inside the lagoon sheer walls rise over a hundred metres straight up, surrounding a mangrove lagoon. This secluded little world is only accessible via the window in the rock-face. It has not yet been discovered by the big Phuket tour companies, so is always deserted.



After leaving Koh Roi we go to Hat Yao, which is as photogenic as its presence in a National Park suggests, and is ideally situated to offer the visitor a front-row view of the incomparably beautiful karst islands rearing sheer from the waters of Phang Nga Bay.
It is as much what Had Yao beach lacks, as what it has, that make it special: along with its 400 metres of white sand, its perfect swimming water and its shady trees, Had Yao beach also benefits from the absence of any rubbish, buildings, hawkers, and often any other people at all.

Note that the itinerary will be varied, if kayakers are also taking the island-hopping trip, so that different sites are visited on the two tours.

If conditions permit then you will get to visit the sandspit on Koh Yao Yai, as pictured in the above image.


9.00am Hotel pickup
9.15 am Longtail boat pick-up from resort Tackao Pier
10.00 am Arrive Koh Kudu, sunbathe and relax on the beach for an hour
11.00 am Mount kayaks, circumnavigate Koh Kudu
12.00 pm Lunch on the beach at Koh Roi
13.00 pm Explore Koh Roi lagoon
14.00 pm Relax on Hat Yao
16.30 pm Drop-off at hotel

The above itinerary will often need to be rearranged to take account of tidal times - it will often be necessary to go to Koh Kudu and Koh Roi after Hat Yao.



Flat Fee (Private Boat) THB 3,800
plus fee per adult + THB 1,000
plus fee per Child (3 to 12 years inclusive) THB 500

Minimum 2 adults. National Park fee, payable directly on the day, is THB 200 per person, in addition to the above.

Note that this is a private trip, nobody else will be sharing the boat with you.

For a trip starting on Phuket, contact us for prices.


  • Lunch
  • Fruit
  • Water
  • Kayak - maximum 3 guests per kayak
  • Experienced English-speaking guide.
  • Longtail boat to act as 'mother-ship' - maximum 6 guests per boat.
  • Pickup and drop off from anywhere on Koh Yao Noi.

Andaman Sky, Co., Ltd, 454/2 Moo 1, Ao Nang, Thailand




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