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Kayak & Snorkel Koh Hong

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Starting Points
Itinerary 1 -Snorkel & Kayak, Starting from Ao Nang or Railay
Itinerary 2 -Snorkel & Kayak, Starting from Koh Yao Noi
Itinerary 3 -Snorkel only, Starting from Ao Nang or Railay
Itinerary 4 - En route between Ao Nang and Koh Yao Noi


Kayak Thailand, also good is Koh Lao Liang

In a land of heart-stopping beauty it takes a pretty exquisite jewel to stand out above the rest - Koh Hong is such a jewel. Part of Tharn Bok Khorani Park, Koh Hong is the largest island in an archipelago that stretches like a string of Andaman pearls all the way north to Leam Taeng. What singles out Koh Hong as the most popular celebrity among so many stars is the beach and the lagoon from which it takes its name.


If there is a beach anywhere in Thailand with finer talcum powder sand than Koh Hong it has yet to reveal itself. Like all of the offshore islands in Krabi, Koh Hong's sand is actually fish excrement. Parrot fish and other coral reef munchers with fused teeth pulverize the exoskeletons of coral polyps as they graze like cows along the reef edge.


Kayak Thailand, also good is Koh Lao Liang

The fine, milky white powder they defecate eventually works its way by wave action to the shore and over millions of years forms a beach with the finest of sands. Walking barefoot along the two lovely coves on Koh Hong's southeastern shore is like walking on Thai silk.

Kayak Thailand, Adventure kayaking Thailand

Hong is the Thai word for "room" and Koh Hong (Room Island) has a hidden one. Rooms are most commonly formed in karst islands when the ceiling of a cave chamber erodes to the point it collapses: if the former root rubble rises above the highest tidal level a walled-in Garden of Eden will eventually flourish there. If the sea still inundates the chamber, a salt-water lagoon is formed.

Koh Hong's "room" is a little of both. At high tide it's a chest-deep giant swimming pool; at low tide it's a broad sandy tidal flat covered in five-pointed sea stars. The entrance to this chamber within the island is easy to miss if one is speeding past in a long-tail boat. Fortunately, more and more visitors are experiencing the magic of this site silently and with more environmental sensitivity, through paddle power.


Kayak Thailand, also good is Koh Lao Liang

Kayak Thailand, also good is Koh Lao Liang

Circumnavigating Koh Hong by sea canoe is now becoming a popular pastime. In addition to the outstanding topographic features, the southeast beaches, the lagoon, and the sheer walls of limestone on the island, there are other attractions. Secluded cover leads to hidden caves; there are also bird-nest gathering sites.



Perhaps the best thing about Koh Hong's immense popularity is the fact that the other islands that make up this extensive archipelago remain largely unexplored. Hundreds of Flying Fox, or Giant Fruit Bats, roost on one of these isles. Hanging like elongated fruits from the branches of trees atop karsts, they stretch and yawn at sundown, then fill the sky with life as they set off inland on 1.5 meter wings for the rich tropical fruit bounty of Khao Phanom Bencha's forests.

A nearby island has a perfectly protected cove where ancient man (and contemporary Chao-Lay-Sea Gypsies) have left fire marks of continuous habitation in the deep soot layer of the cliff overhang. Elevated bamboo sleeping platforms, used seasonally by bird-nest gatherers, reflect a habitation style that may date back 40,000 years at this site.

Indian Pied hornbills are commonly sighted, as are the White-bellied sea eagles which nest on hung platforms of sticks built atop trees precariously perched on cliff fronts. Sea turtles have been seen in these waters, and there are extensive beds of staghorn corals. A small islet to the east of the beach has beautiful displays of soft corals where sea snakes hide and schools of pelagic fish feed in the tidal currents.

On private day-trips, (contact us for prices) some island dazzle passers-by with the most alluring little beaches, and draw them ashore for a private picnic or a secluded swim. Others have fishermen and bird-nest gatherers living on elevated pilings or bamboo scaffolding built precariously on the cliff faces. A simple smile and a wave hello are sometimes enough to be invited ashore to share tea in their living chambers.

Krabi's northem coast is truly a paradise for paddlers. In this land lost in time, it is best to slow down and adjust your inner clock to the ancient rhythm of the tides.

This join-on day-trip is suitable for people who want to do a bit of kayaking as part of an island-hopping day-trip, but is not suitable for people who want to spend a large part of the day kayaking, as the daytrip includes less than 2 hours kayaking. If you'd like to do lots of paddling, contact us for options.



We offer two different trips to Koh Hong. One of them is a longtail boat trip which includes kayaking as well as snorkelling. The other is a speedboat snorkelling and beach relaxation trip.

The mixed kayaking and snorkelling trip is suitable for more energetic travellers. People who prefer a lazier day out, or visitors with small children, are advised to choose the snorkelling-only tour.


Starting Points

The speedboat snorkelling trip runs only from Ao Nang / Railay. The longtail boat kayaking and snorkelling trip runs from either Ao Nang / Railay or from Koh Yao Noi.


Itinerary 1 - Snorkel & Kayak, Starting Ao Nang

8.30 Hotel Pickup
9.00 Head off to Hong Island by longtail boat
9.30 Kayak Koh Hong
11.00 Relax on Hong's beach
12.30 Lunch on the beach
13.30 Go to Lading Island, snorkel
15.00 Snorkel Daeng Island
16.30 Hotel Dropoff

Price, including hotel pickup and drop-off, lunch, water, National Park fees, fruit and kayaks - THB 1600 per person. Contact us to book. Pickup is also possible from Railay, in front of Sand Sea Resort, at the same price. Children under 12 years old THB 1,100, children under 3 - free. The timetable may vary according to the tides and weather.


Itinerary 2 - Snorkel & Kayak, Start Koh Yao Noi

9.00 Hotel pickup
9.30 Head off to Hong Island by longtail boat
10.00 Kayak Koh Hong
11.30 Snorkel Koh Hong
12.00 Lunch on the beach
13.00 Relax on Hong's beach
14.00 Go to Lading Island, snorkel
16.30 Dropoff

This is a private day-trip, where you will be the only people in the boat. From Koh Yao Noi, this destination costs a flat fee of THB 3,600 for the boat, plus THB 1,000 per adult, plus THB 500 per child (miniumum charge THB 5,600). This tour also includes a visit to Koh Lading as well as to Koh Hong, and includes hotel transfers to and from the pier on Koh Yao Noi. The National Park entrance fee for the beach at Koh Hong, which is currently THB 500 per adult and THB 300 per child, is excluded. These NP fees are subect to change without notice. Hotel transfers from Paradise cost THB 800 extra. The timetable may vary according to the tides and weather.


Itinerary 3 - Snorkel only, Start Ao Nang

8.30 Pickup Ao Nang hotel
9.00 Speedboat departure
9.20 Snorkelling & beach relaxation, Pakbia Island
10.30 Snorkelling & beach relaxation, Lading Island
12.00 Swim in Koh Hing's lagoon
12.30 Relax on Hong's beach, with lunch, swimming and snorkelling
15.00 Dropoff

Price, including hotel pickup and drop-off, lunch, water, National Park fees, fruit and kayaks - THB 1300 per person. Contact us to book. Pickup is also possible from Railay, in front of Sand Sea Resort, at the same price. Children under 12 years old - 50%, children under 4 - free. The timetable may vary according to the tides and weather.


Itinerary 4 - Snorkel & Kayak, En Route between Koh Yao Noi and Ao Nang

10.00 Depart Koh Yao Noi (Paradise Resort or Tackao pier)
10.30 Arrive Koh Hong, sunbathe, swim and kayak. eat lunch
13.30 Leave Koh Hong
13.45 Arrive Koh Daeng, snorkel
14.30 Leave Koh Daeng
15.00 Arrive Ao Nang

THB 3,200 per person, minimum 2 pax. Additional adults THB 1,000, additional children THB 500, infants free

The price includes lunch, fruit, snorkels, kayaks and water. It excludes National Park fees (currently THB 500 per adult & THB 300 for children, subject to change without notice). The timetable may vary according to the tides and weather.

We only offer this trip as a private trip, reserve it for to customers who are also booking a holiday with us. To book this trip, contact us


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