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Three Days / Two Nights at Cheow Lan Lake

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What To Bring


Day One

We depart from Khao Lak at 8am or from Khao Sok at 9am. Adventurers picked up in Khao Lak and who have all their luggage with them will deposit their large bags, under lock and key, at Khao Sok Green Valley Resort. One hour by car brings us to Cheow Lan Lake.


We spend one hour by longtail boat exploring the lake, getting a chance to see some of the 100 dramatically-shaped limestone islands which were formed when the lake was made in 1982.

We get close to the 200m high limestone cliffs, at spots where the water is deep, so that more adventurous visitors can climb up and then jump in.

We arrive at the floating raft-house for lunch, a swim and maybe a snooze.
After lunch, we trek through the jungle to the camp site, which is located next to a river bend and is ideal for swimming and fishing. We collect firewood and set up camp.

Dinner is barbequed chicken, rice cooked in a bamboo ‘pot’, coffee drunk from bamboo ‘mugs’, and fresh fruit. All food and drinks will be served on bamboo plates and cups. This is truly a jungle dinner – and one that means we don’t have to carry pots and pans everywhere.

After dinner we go on a night safari, as most animals are nocturnal, sleeping in the heat of day. A night safari is one of the best chances to see wildlife in Khao Sok. Whilst sightings of tigers are uncommon, the jungle camp-site night safari is a great opportunity to spot serow, barking deer, bears, wild pigs, monkeys, gibbons and hornbills. After the night safari, the evening is spent around the camp fire.

Day Two

After breakfast we depart on a four hour trek to the Namtaloo cave, which for many is the highlight of the tour and which was used as a hideout by communist ex-student guerrillas between 1975-1982. The jungle trek to the Namtaloo cave takes us deep into the rainforest, across streams and through bamboo thickets.
It takes about two hours to reach the cave entrance, where we stop, rest and have lunch.

The cave, whose limestone walls and roofs are decorated by stalagmites, stalactites and weirdly- and wonderfully-eroded limestone, is home to many cave dwellers - cave crickets, cave toads, hunter spiders, scorpion spiders and many varieties of bats.
The trek through the cave takes up to one hour. After we pass a waterfall inside the cave, we reach deeper water. Most visitors entrust their cameras and valuables to the guide, who climbs across this section.


After exiting the cave, it takes about an hour to reach  the floating bungalows, where we ‘check in’.

After dinner we take a water-borne night safari on the longtail boat, looking for nocturnal animals such as civet cats and slow loris.


Day Three

We make an early start for the morning safari at 7 am. We cruise around the lake on the longtail fishing boat looking for animals as they feed and water early in the morning before the heat of the day.


Early morning is a good time for monkey viewing. We return to the rafthouse for breakfast, then spend the rest of the morning relaxing.



The afternoon is spent canoeing around the lake and, optionally, on a two-hour jungle trek to the viewpoint, after which we return by boat and car to Khao Sok or Khao Lak.





  2-5 pax 6 pax and up
Low Season (May 1st to Oct 31st) not available not available
High Season (Nov 1st to Apr 30th) 9900 9400

Pickup and drop off at Khao Sok included. Pickup and drop off at Khao Lak THB 2,500 each way extra (per taxi).


  • All food and water
  • Accommodation and transport
  • An experienced guide who speaks good English


  • National Park fees (currently THB 300 per person)


What to bring

  • 3 changes of clothing. Shorts and T-shirts or singlets are ideal for the treks. You might want a long sleeve top and long trousers for the night
  • Sandals with straps or trainers are ideal for the cave trek because of the water, walking boots can be worn but they will get wet. Camera, torch, flashlight, mosquito repellant. Small amount of money for soft drinks or beer


Click here for more on Khao Sok.






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