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Kayak Ao Thalane

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Little over a decade ago Ao Thalane was unknown to the world apart from to a few local fishermen and intrepid explorers.

Kayak Thailand, also good is Koh Lao Liang
It is a karst-walled canyon that paddlers negotiate by either entering or exiting the mangrove estuaries that make Ao Talan so scenic and unique. Adventure kayaking in Thailand's Ao Thalane is a magical experience, best viewed slowly and in silence.

This is the oldest exposed rock in all of Krabi. The sandstone was formed before the ancient reefs and shells of marine organisms, which make up today's limestone karsts, were laid down upon it. More than 300 million years old, the ancient sandstone has been eroded by wind and waves into sensuous shapes while mineral deposits have painted it in a hundred hues from pink and rose to mauve and cream. To kayak at Ao Thalane is to find the solace in nature so many seek.
Kayak Thailand, also good is Koh Lao Liang

Kayak Thailand, also good is Koh Lao Liang
Langurs and Long-tai Macaques are commonly seen foraging for leaves, fruit and crabs along this passage. The drone of cicadas from the jungle-shrouded cliffs, the call of the Blue Rock Thrush, and the noisy chatter of kingfishers as they dart from branch to branch ahead of the passing canoes and kayaks are the only sounds to break the silence. The cool shade and shallow waters, reflecting the green of the lush canyon walls, make this a place that can truly soothe the soul.

There are myriad backwater channels beyond the canyon to explore the mangrove forest in intimacy. Giant Monitor Lizards and river otters are spotted at times, while sighting Crab-eating Macaques is virtually guaranteed. Frequent feeding of bananas and pine chunks to these primates have made them appear almost tame, but tame they are not. Feeding wild animals is never to their benefit, but often results in their ultimate demise.
Kayak Thailand, also good is Koh Lao Liang

A sandbar exposed at low tide in front of the canyon entrance is another worthwhile place for nature lovers to stop. Millions of burrowing crabs can be seen here moving across the sandbar like wildebeest crossing the vast African Serengeti. The locals too arrive here in droves to search for clams and other foods with every exceptionally low tide. The little fishing village of Baan Thaa Daan, backed by the majesty of the soaring karsts, is itself interesting to visit and easy to access, as all sea canoe trips begin and end here.

Standard program - pickup 8.30am, kayak from 10am untill midday, then lunch, then go swimming in the afternoon to a lovely artesian pool area called Phu Thara. This is a great place for a refreshing dip and was another of the locations for the film "The beach" starring Leonardo di Caprio. Dropoff 4p.




Hotel pickup

9.00 Paddle through mangrove forests
10.00 Paddle through the canyon
11.00 Admire pictographs
12.00 Lunch
13.00 Swim and relax around Phu Thara
16.30 Hotel drop off



Full-day trip from Ao Nang or Railay to Ao Thalane - THB 1100 including transfers, lunch and equipment.

Pickup from Railay (in front of Sunrise Tropical resort) or Ao Nang (from your hotel).

If you want to skip the afternoon's swimming and kayak instead, then add THB 300 extra per person.


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