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Krabi La Playa Resort

Independent Review

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Typical Thai hospitality is in precedence in the elegant and leafy lobby of this attractive resort, where the weary traveler is greeted with juice and a dozen dazzling smiles.

The gracious hospitality at this resort isn’t confined to the lobby, though, and extends throughout the resort, whose staff are a particularly cheerful bunch, even by the standards of the happiest nation on earth.

This friendly atmosphere are complemented by a reasonably good location 500 metres from the beach and excellent facilities for the price charged, making the Krabi La Playa a good resort choice. While the shared areas show some signs of wear and tear, the rooms do not.

The restaurant gets good feedback for the breakfast served and for the competent lunch fare, but most visitors dine out, in one of the dozens of nearby eateries serving all types of food. While the restaurant is reasonable, the pool area is the resort’s main draw. There are three interconnected swimming pools, surrounded by extensive and uncrowded areas covered in loungers and dotted around with wooden, palm-roofed huts which donate a welcome bit of shade in the heat of the day. 
This excellent pool area makes this resort a big hit with families. Couples staying here have to be careful to book rooms which minimize noise from the children in the pool, which is possible if you book on this site, as we know which the best room numbers are for each room type, due to being locally based here in Ao Nang.
It’s not only couples who would benefit from our expert knowledge of this resort though – for families as well as couples, the sound of other peoples’ noisy children isn’t so desirable.


While this is certainly a good resort choice, it is not quite as good a choice as either the Peace Laguna or Golden beach hotels, both of which offer better facilities for the prices charged, which are comparable to those at the Krabi La Playa. 



All the rooms in this hotel are of a similar size and differ mainly in their location and in the facilities provided. All room types are smart and spacious, and decorated to a higher standard than most rooms in Ao Nang in the same price band. The décor is subtle and tasteful, with muted pastel shades forming the backdrop for splashes of colour formed by cushions, pillow cases and silk bed throws. The décor of these rooms will upset no one, and please many. In the following description of this 5 storey resort (there are lifts) the lobby is referred to as the 1st floor (using the American, rather than the British floor numbering system, and the floor above it as the 2nd floor.

Superior Room
These rooms are either located on the 1st, 2nd or 3rd floors. All of the first floor rooms are gloomy and are to be avoided. The best Superior rooms are on the 3rd floor, as they let in the most light. Most people will prefer a room facing away from the pool, with a jungle and mountain view, as these rooms are quieter than the pool-facing rooms.


The views from the Superior rooms which face away from the pool at the end of the resort nearest the neighbouring Ananta Burin resort are the best.

Deluxe Room

All the Deluxe rooms are on the 4th and 5th floors of the resort. The rooms at the back of the resort facing away from the pool are the quietest, but those at the front facing the pool are quiet enough for most people.

The best views are to be found from the rooms facing the pool and located near the neighbouring Ananta Burin resort, from where a magnificent mountain panorama can be enjoyed.

The sea views offered by the rooms at the other end of the resort are really nothing to write home about and will disappoint visitors expecting a good sea view, so visitors are not recommended to stay in these rooms – in this resort, the best views are the mountain views, not the sea views.


Pool Deluxe B Room
These slightly larger rooms benefit from a chaise longue and direct pool access. Pool access rooms are very much a personal preference, you either love them or loathe them but, if you are one of the former type, then the pool access rooms at the Krabi La Playa are a good choice.
It is important to get one of the rooms which are located next to the smallest and quietest of the resort’s 3 pools, and not one of the rooms next to the 2 bigger pools. These rooms get progressively better the further away from the main pool area they are located.

Ideally, the visitor should book the room which is furthest from the main pool area, as this will offer maximum privacy and be affected by the least noise. This is the room in the above image which is furthest from the camera. We know which the best rooms are, and can request them for you. The rooms which are next to the resort’s largest pools are not recommended, as they offer no privacy, and are noisy.


Pool Deluxe A 

These rooms benefit from a Jacuzzi, but are located next to the largest of the 3 pools. Their terraces therefore offer no privacy, and can be noisy in peak periods. For these reasons, these rooms are not recommended.



Low Season Special Offer - Pay for 2 nights, stay for 3. Compulsory breakfast on free nights THB 400.

The above rates are net per room per night and inclusive of service charge and breakfast for 2 people.

In addition, on this site we offer the following free benefits:

  • Airport transfers at only THB 500 for a taxi or THB 1,000 for a minivan.
  • 10% off your Ao Nang day-trips
  • 15% discount vouchers for Ao Nang restaurants
  • If you book your transfer to the airport with us, we will take you to the Tiger Cave Temple, for free, en route. If adults want to climb to the top and need child-minding help while they do so, contact us.
  • We’ll personally inspect the available rooms at the resort for the dates you require, then report back to you with details of the available rooms that best meet your requirements.
  • You will be able to take advantage of unlimited travel advice before arrival – we know southern Thailand intimately and so can organize all your accommodation, travel, sports and activities. This personalized and customized service comes at no extra cost to you – we get our commissions from hotels and activity/transport providers, not from you.

Click here for more on Ao Nang, here for holiday packages, here for map, here for other destinations.

Andaman Sky, Co., Ltd, 23/8 Moo 2, Ao Nang, Thailand, D418, PDA107




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