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Peace Laguna Resort

Independent Review

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If you're somone who finds the sight and sound of running water conducive to holiday relaxation, then the Peace Laguna has much to commend it, for water burbles and trickles almost everywhere in this impressive and stylish resort. The aquatic focus starts immediately upon arrival in the area preceding the lobby, where a bridge spans a small pond beautifully stocked with water lillies.

This hotel, while beautifully laid out, is somewhat is need of refurbishment. It is not as good condition, and is not as good value as the nearby Golden Beach Resort and Krabi Resort.


Particularly tall travellers must duck beneath the arch of reeds which rises from either side of the bridge, forming a canopied tunnel festooned with tiny purple flowers. This use of running water for architectural purposes, which continues throughout the Peace Laguna resort, is restfull on the senses.

The aquatic theme continues on arrival into the lobby of the lobby area, where the visitor encounters the lake around which the resort is built, and also the largest of the hotel's swimming pools. This is not big enough for getting any serious exercise and is in less than immaculate condition, but is perfectly adequate for dipping and lounging around, if you can get hold of a lounger.

This can be an issue for peak season late-risers, except for visitors in the more expensive accommodation units, which are equipped with their own loungers.

Considering the relative affordability of the resort, and its proximity to the beach, this is a resort to be recommended, with the exception of the 'Standard' rooms, which have not been renovated in recent years and are showing significant signs of wear.


This resort and the Golden Beach resort are close to each other and offer a similar standard of acccommodation. For most people, the Golden Beach's better beachfront locaiton makes it a better choice. If the Golden Beach is full, however, then the Peace Laguna is a good second choice.



Standard Room
These rather older rooms are not particularly recommended, due to their less than immaculate condition. There are better value options in other resorts.


Superior Room
These rooms are located in a building built in February 2009, and are a good if somewhat uninspiring choice of accommodation.
Immaculate throughout, some of the rooms have much better views than others, whose views are obscured by trees.
If you book this room type on this site, we'll request one of the rooms with a better view. If you can be bothered to climb the stairs, the mountain views from the top floor rooms are impressive.

One of the three blocks of Superior rooms has a lift, so if you are disinclined or unable to climb stairs, let us know and we'll request a room with lift access. For people with disabilities, we can guarantee a lift access room, for other people we can only request one. Please let us know into which category you fall.


Deluxe Cottages & Superior Cottages

The Deluxe cottages are very well appointed and attractively presented. They are situated in 2 different layouts:

(1) In pairs of single-storey connecting cottages. These units are contained in buildings containing 2 units each. None of them offer particularly good views.



(2) These are the upstairs units of buildings which contain 4 units each, two-up, two-down. Some of these upstairs units have views which are completely obscured by trees, and are not recommended. Other units have stupendous mountain views and private balconies.

There is a really big difference between the worst and best Deluxe Cottages. If you can get one of the best Deluxe Cottages, there's no point in paying extra for a Privacy cottage, unless you want to be on the ground floor.



deluxe We are based in Ao Nang, and know this resort intimately, as it is one of the two best 4 star resorts in town and one we highly recommend (the other is the Golden Beach). We thus know which room numbers are the best ones, and can request them for you.

The Superior Cottages (see image below) are all located in buildings containing 4 units, and are located downstairs in connecting pairs.

As with the Deluxe Cottages, the Superior Cottages are either located facing the mountain and with glorious views of it, or facing away from it, with no particular view.


superior Whilst both the Deluxe and the Superior Cottages are tastefully furnished and innocuously decorated, the Deluxe Cottages are finished to a higher specification, having polished wooden floors as opposed to tiled floors, and benefiting from jacuzzis.


Privacy Cottage
Deluxe These are some of the best accommodation units in Ao Nang. All of these cottages are detached single storey bungalows, and some have spectacular views of the majestic karst ramparts separating Ao Nang from Railay. If you book one of these cottages on this site, we'll request one of the units with a great view.
Each cottage has a large living area tastefully furnished with costly-looking yet innocuous artwork, and very comfortable furniture. The large and softly cushioned rattan loungers are a particularly pleasant place to while away time, contemplating the lake or mountains, reading or chatting with one's partner, who can get just as comfortable on the huge day-bed. Deluxe

The terrace contains two large and comfortable sun-loungers, so the visitor is spoiled for choice for places to unwind. A nice finishing touch is the double wooden lounger next to each front door, which adds yet another relaxation option for the visitor to take advantage of, and really spoils him or her for choice. These units are very well appointed, with outdoor showers as well as indoor jacuzzis.

A great choice for couples, the large floor space and ammount of furniture also make these rooms a good bet for families with grown-up children. Such families might like to save a few pennies by taking one of the more economical units for the adult children, who can then comfortable hang out at their parent's Privacy Cottage. Families with more than one younger child are advised to avoid the Privacy cottages, and to book a pair of connecting Deluxe or Superior cottages instead, so that they can easily supervise their offspring.



The above rates are net per room per night and inclusive of service charge and breakfast for 2 people.

Low Season Special Promotion

Stay for 3 nights, pay for 2. Breakfasts on free nights are free.

Compulsory gala dinner :

Compulsory gala dinner on 24 Dec 09 is Baht 3,000 per adult and Baht 1,500 per child 
Compulsory gala dinner on 31 Dec 09 is Baht 4,000 per adult and Baht 2,000 per child


In addition, we offer the following free benefits:

  • Airport transfers at only THB 500 for a taxi or THB 1,000 for a minivan.
  • If you book your transfer to the airport with us, we will take you to the Tiger Cave Temple, for free, en route. If adults want to climb to the top and need child-minding help while they do so, contact us.
  • We’ll personally inspect the available rooms at the resort for the dates you require, then report back to you with details of the available rooms that best meet your requirements.
  •  We’ll give you a free quality bakery loaf of bread on arrival.
  • You will be able to take advantage of unlimited travel advice before arrival – we know southern Thailand intimately and so can organize all your accommodation, travel, sports and activities. This personalized and customized service comes at no extra cost to you – we get our commissions from hotels and activity/transport providers, not from you.


Hotel Click here for more on Ao Nang, here for holiday packages, here for other destinations.

Andaman Sky, Co., Ltd, 23/8 Moo 2, Ao Nang, Thailand



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