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Diving around Khao Lak

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Diving Around Khao Lak
Khao Lak Dive Sites - ALL of them
Similan / Richelieu Dive Packages



The majority of divers visit the sites around the Similan and Surin Marine National Parks, and Richelieu Rock.

The Similans, together with Richelieu Rock, are currently Thailand’s premier scuba destination and are rated one of the top ten dive destinations in the world, primarily due to the frequency of whale shark sightings there.


The Similans offer two distinct types of diving. East side diving consists of brilliantly-hued and gently-sloping coral reefs, whilst west side diving is known for its huge underwater granite boulders and the numerous swim-throughs they provide.

Maybe the most famous east side dive site is East of Eden, known for its brilliantly-hued coral formations. Elephant Head Rock is arguably the most famous west side dive site, with a maze of swim-throughs and potentially hazardous currents running in unpredictable and rapidly changing directions.




Khao Lak Dive Sites


lanta scuba map similans richelieu rock koh bon koh tachai surins
Similan Islands
Richelieu Rock
Koh Tachai
Koh Bon
Surin Islands



Similan / Richelieu Dive Packages

2 days / 1 night





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