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Climb Railay / Tonsai

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Located in Thailand's southwestern province of Krabi, this is the original Thai rock climbing mecca.

Jane Railay

Home to two of the most beautiful beaches on the planet, Railay / Tonsai is world-famous among rock-climbers and is quite simply astoundingly beautiful.

The cliffs that cut the Railay / Tonsai pensinsula off from the rest of Thailand free it from all motor traffic and protect the unique landscape.

Rock climbing Thailand, bouldering, Railay, Tonsai

The limestone cliffs of Thailand's magnificent Phra Nang peninsula are the backdrop for Railay / Tonsai climbing.

The rock climbing at Railay / Tonsai offers routes of world class quality for both beginners and experienced climbers.

Bouldering Railay

Climbers of all abilities will have an unbelievable time scaling these stalactite-dripping karst cathedrals.

The Railay / Tonsai climbing, from single to multi-pitch climbs, is mostly right off the beach. Climbers can also climb on islands scattered throughout Thailand's Phra Nang bay - routes which are not yet included in any guide book.


Bouldering Railay


After a day of Railay / Tonsai climbing, you can stroll to your resort pool or the beach for a dip, then perhaps get a relaxation or sports massage.



We at (that's Andaman Adventures, not Alcoholics Anonymous!), offer expert guidance to select the most appropriate Railay / Tonsai climbing routes for your ability.

King on Cobra Railay


Rock climbing Thailand, bouldering, Railay, Tonsai

Tonsai suffers from significant environmental problems - click here for more.

We recommend climbers stay in Railay or in Ao Nang, a short boat-ride away, which offers way better variety and value for money for food, accomodation and day trips. Click here for Ao Nang resorts.

Rock climbing Thailand, bouldering, Koh Lao Liang

Click here for more on rock climbing in Thailand



Here's a deep water solo pic, click here for more on deep water soloing.

deep water solo
"Here's an image of a lovely young lady called Rosie, who I'm lucky and proud enough to have as a daughter."


Routes Database

climb railay tonsai


  West Railay
  East Railay



Prices (including equipment & insurance)

Three Day Climbing Course: THB 6,000

  • Knots and rope technique
  • Top rope climbing
  • Abseiling (Rappelling)
  • Lead climbing
  • Multi-pitch climbing (if progress permits)
  • Hotel pick up from Railay area but not from Ao Nang
  • Lunch and water


One Day Course: THB 1,800

  • Top rope climbing
  • Abseiling (Rappelling)
  • Hotel pick up from Railay area but not from Ao Nang
  • Lunch and water

Note that this is a join-on day-trip, where you may well be in a group that includes people of a very different level to you. This means that you have to share a guide with other people, who often require different grade climbs to you. For this reason, this one day course is not recommended.


Private Guiding

If you can afford it, this is your best bet, as you get the undivided attention of your guide and don't have to share him with other people. We will make sure that you get a guide with at least 5 years experience of guiding on Railay, who we have personally climbed with and whose safety and experience we can vouche for. Multi-pich climbing is excluded from the price below, if you want this then contact us.

The following price is subject to availability. An elite guide costs THB 5,000 per day for one person.


Climbing, Thailand - Holiday Package

CH1 - Climb Southern Thailand - 12 nights

For a custom-designed climbing itinerary, contact us


Photo Gallery


Click here for the photo gallery - climb Railay / climb Tonsai, Thailand


Magazine Articles on Climbing in Thailand

Click here for base jumping. The bravest climbers in Thailand are the Thai guys who scale rock-faces with primitive equipment to harvest birds' nests. Click here for an article on the Lao Liang bird's nest collectors climbers of Thailand's Andaman coast. Click here for a magazine article on climbing the Thaiwand Wall, Railay, possibly the finest tropical crag in the world. Click here for a magazine article on rock climbing safety and accidents. Click here for a magazine article about a rock-climbing trip to Koh Yao Noi.


Thailand Deep Water Solo (DWS)

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Thailand Bouldering

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Hotel Reservations

Click here for hotel reservations in Thailand



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