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Climb Ao Nang

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Ao Nang is the newest and most exciting climbing destination in Thailand. There are a few other unimportant crags, but the main attraction for climbers is the Spirit Mountain crag. This crag has been under development for two years and has recently started to earn a reputation as the best single crag in the country.

There are a full range of grades and styles at theSpirit Mountain crag, which can lay claim to being one of Thailand's very finest. It may not have the views of Railay's Thailwand wall or Koh Yao Noi's Grateful Wall, but it does have an unrivalled selection of grades and styles. All the routes, in marked contrast to many of those on Railay, are in pristine, unpolished condition. The crag does not, like Railay in the high season, get too crowded.
The crag is located in Chong Pli district, 10 minutes motorbike ride or drive from Ao Nang. Hosting over 50 routes, Spirit Mountain offers a complete range of grades.  The moderate climber can enjoy about 20 climbs at 6b+ and under, while more advanced climbers can choose from over 30 routes rated 6C-8C.

As well as a wide range of grades (from 4 to 8c), Spirit Mountain offers a wide range of climbing styles too - with delicate face climbing, three-dimensional puzzles, long endurance routes, stalactite challenges and overhanging power-fests, this is a crag for everyone. The quality and quantity of routes will keep any climber happy for a significant length of time.

The crag is located next to a mangosteen orchard and is pleasant and airy.  Since it is not located in the jungle, the crag is almost always mosquito-free.

Approaches here are measured in seconds.  Thus, climbers of varied abilities can climb together for days without having to move. Most of the the crag is in shade for only the morning and gets direct sunshine in the afternoon. In the afternoon, there are two shaded areas, called "The Cave" and " The Hearth", where climbing can continue in the afternoons.

Climbers visiting Ao Nang are recommended to go get a beer at the Retox bar, which is run by a local climbing guide called Ache, who is happy to give out as much free climbing information as the visitor wants. Click here for more on the Retox bar, which is the bar where Ao Nang's climbing community hangs out.


These are as follows:

Superstition 7b
Slap & Tickle 8a
Man or Mouse 7a+
Kaeng Reng 7b+
Pill Box 6b+
Red Planet 8a
Scorpion 7b
Ice-9 7a+
Exfoliation 6a+
Exposure 6c
Devil's Backbone 6b
Hobbit Jump 7b
Simon Sends 5
Chutzpah 6a+
Trippin' 7b
Hunting Shrooms 6c+
Grace 7a
Renegades of Funk 7c
Scarface 7a+
Alien 7b+
Kingpin 8a
Right Hand Man 8a
Red Herring 7c
Piranha 7a
Buzzsaw 6b
Seesaw 6b+
Hook, Line, Sinker 6b+
Deflowered 6c
Momentum 6b
McLovin 6b
Ego Free Zone (EFZ) 6a+
Family Affair 6c
Zak Attack 5
Mad Skills 6b
Mentally Ill 7c
8ish 7b+
Carbunkle 6c
Round the Bend 6a+
Dude Abides 6a+
Round the Outside 6a
Chlong Pli Posse 6c
Smoked Out 6c+
Fin de Chalam 7a
Flying Snake 6b
Via Feareta 6b+
Beached Whale 7a
Pussy on a Pedestal 7c
Old School 7a+
Wild Child 8a
Slingshot 6c+


Ao Nang

Click here for more information on Ao Nang.




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