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Krabi Town Market

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There are several markets in both Ao Nang and also in nearby Krabi Town. In terms of fun and variety, the Weekend Walking Street market towers above the rest by a giraffe's head and shoulders. It offers such diverse delights as Thai-style oysters (served with crispy onion flakes, raw garlic, chilli sauce and herbs), every type of meat on a stick (including that sinfull but tasty piggy variety) and cheap, plentiful beer. The stage show features acts from both ends of the age spectrum, with pre-teens break-dancing and OAP karaoke competing for the plaudits, to sometimes cute and often amusing effect.

This market is a big hit with the few visitors who find it and is to be enthusiastically recommended.

Simon says:

"I like to go to the walking street market about once a month, sometimes after climbing to the top of the Tiger Cave temple first in order to justify the calories I will consume in the market. A couple of months ago I started off my birthday party at the market, and all present had a big laugh. Last time we went it was a temple day so there was no beer on sale, but we brought a large quantity with us - nobody minded us drinking it at all, but that was no surprise in this most laissez-faire of countries."

The market is only held on Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings. We only take customers to the market on private day-trips, usually on combined visits to the market and to the Tiger Cave temple. We only take customers who book their accommodation with us. If you have already booked your accommodation, never mind, just jump in a cab at about nightfall and ask for Krabi walking Street market (it's the one behind the Vogue department store).

This is a great market for all the family, there is a bouncy castle for the kids and a creche for the Dads (ie. the cheap bar), so Mums can browse at leisure.



To get to the market it is best to take a private taxi there and back. It is also a good idea to combine a trip to the market with a visit to one or more of the other inland attractions nearby. Click here for a list of private daytrips that include the Krabi Walking Street Market.


More Detail

CD’s and DVD’s
These stalls come and go according to whether the government is having a crackdown, due to the presence of important foreigners in teh country. The quality is generally good, but you can not usually test it, as market stalls generally do not have a TV or sound system.

In a market, expect to pay THB 70 for a DVD or CD, which is cheaper than in a shop, where you can expect to pay the higher price of THB 100, but where you can also expect to be able to test out your choice before purchase.   

Barbequed Chicken
The nearest chicken sticks to the camera are of barbequed chicken covered in sweet chili paste. The vendor is holding sticks of chicken offal, which are not as much to the taste of most Westerners as are the chicken wings in front of them, which sell for THB 10 each. 

Chicken & Duck
The chicken and duck are basted with a little garlic and pepper during roasting, and are a favourite with Westerners, particularly children. Expect to pay about THB 80 for half a chicken and THB 100 for half a duck.

A portion of curry sells for THB 30 and is sold in a plastic bag sealed with an elastic band. Rice or noodles cost THB 10 per portion extra. If you want a dish that is not spicy, ask for one that is ‘mai pet’. 

Curry Paste
Why not take a kilo of red curry paste, mussaman curry paste or green curry paste home with you? They only cost THB 100 for 100 gms. Maybe even do a Thai cookery course when you’re here, so you know what to do with them.

Deep Fried Quail Eggs
There are usually a stall or two selling deep-fried pork and fish sticks, and often at such places you will see the strange-looking sticks in the image as well. They are deep-fried battered quail eggs, and are absolutely delicious when served with sweet chili sauce. They cost THB 10 per stick.

These sweet (some would say sickly) desserts are made from flower and sugar, with lots of artificial ingredients added. They are not the healthiest snacks in the market, so Western children love them as much as Thai kids do.

Dim Sum
The small, white, round pastries at the back of the picture are filled with soft meat and gravy, and are particularly delicious. For a wider selection, go to one of Thailand’s ubiquitous dim sum restaurants for breakfast. Arrive before 10 am, and eat your fill for about THB 100.


Watch your waistband.

Dragon Fruit
Refreshing and not too sweet, this fruit is best eaten chilled.




Eating these is a bit like snacking on garlic ice cream while sitting next to an open sewer. Thais either love or hate them - they smell so bad that they have been quoted in court as the grounds for divorces. Thais believe that it is dangerous to eat them with alcohol, as they heat the body up. For the same reason, eating them is not recommended for people suffering from a fever. Whatever the state of your health, don’t over-indulge, as consumption of an excess of this fruit can kill.

If, like the author, THB 69 for a pair of flip-flops busts your footwear budget, then head off to Bangkok’s Chatuchak market, where you can pick up a dozen pairs for THB 35 a pair. Here in Krabi Town tbhey go for about THB 100, less than half the price in the expensive beachfront shops in Ao Nang.

Kid’s Bouncy Castle
This costs THB 10, for as long as the children want to spend there.

Most tops costs THB 199 and most trousers THB 299.



Bras cost THB 100, knickers cost THB 100.

Long Gong & Lam Yai
The fruit on the left is called ‘long gong’ and the one on the right is called ‘lam yai’. Long gong is a tremendous treat for the taste buds, but beware – after spending your holiday snacking on Long gong and mango, the apples and pears back home just won’t taste the same. Lam yai is a sweet fruit with a big black stone. Don’t eat too much, as it reputedly makes you hot inside, and is especially to be avoided if you have a fever.


When they first come into season in May, expect to see mountains of this ever-popular fruit at every market. Sometimes sweet, sometimes sour, this fruit should always be sampled before purchase.

The image shows six different types of mango. The yellow ones are ripe, soft and sweet, whilst the green fruit are unripe and hard. The greens mangoes are also very sour - popular mainly with Thai women, they are eaten with shrimp paste flavoured with sugar and chili. The half-green, half-yellow mangoes are a little sour. Most Westerners will only enjoy the sweet, soft, ripe, yellow mangoes. Expect to pay no more than THB 40 for a kilo of top-quality fruit.


Pastry Balls
These pastries contain sweet potato and are popular with people of all ages possessing a sweet tooth.

Pickled Fruit
Normally made from unripe, sour fruit, these pickled fruit are eaten with a sugar, chili and salt dip, as shown in the image.

Quail’s Eggs
These cost THB 20 and are delicious when boiled and eaten with soy sauce.

Quick Dinner
Either chicken and yellow rice, or noodles and beansprouts, cost only THB 20 per serving.

Don’t eat too much of this sweet, white, crunchy fruit or, according to Thai beliefs, it’ll give you a cough.

These are served with boiled vegetables and any of 8 different chili pastes.

This is not as tasty as the sushi served at the fabulous Fuji chain of restaurants, but is about a quarter of the price. Eat your fill for about THB 100.

Sweet Jelly
At THB 10 for four tubs of jelly, these will leave parents pockets as full as their children’s stomachs.

Sweet snacks
These miniature crunchy pancakes are filled with cream and either sweet yellow sauce or salty orange sauce. The yellow and orange colourings are artificial.

These are made of sugar and egg yolks, with added nut flavours. The black sweets are fruit cooked in sugar.

Thai cuisine relies on large quantities of fresh vegetables, often consumed raw.

Don’t bother to ask for a receipt, and don’t rely on your new watch as an alarm clock to get you up for your flight.

Winter Green
Nobody in Thailand knows the English name for this fruit, whose Thai name is ‘Rah Gam’ It should be sweet, but is sometime sour, so it is essential to sample this fruit before purchase. ‘Rah Gam’ means ‘miserable’ in Thai, so some Thai people decline to eat this fruit, as they think it will make them miserable.


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