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Aspasia Resort, Phuket

Independent Review

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The Aspasia is a quality 4 star resort located in a secluded little bay next to Kata Beach in Phuket. The location makes it fairly close to all the amenities on Patong beach, but far enough away to escape the night-time bachanalia.

The hotel has a decidedly unusual, exotic atmosphere, even for Thailand. This stems from the Aztec-style construction and decor - bold green, maroon, purple and yellow colours abound. The guest would never imagine that this resort consists of 2 rows of 6 buildings each, because they are so subtly embedded in the beachside jungle hillside foliage. We visited this resort when it was fully occupied, and nowhere did it feel crowded or busy - a quiet, serene vibe stayed with us the entire time.

The resort has one restaurant boasting an ornamental orchid garden and a canopied ceiling, giving it a super-de-luxe tented camp feeling. The adjacent bar is a trendily cool place to hang out and sip on some refreshing cocktails. The spa, however, is on the small side, and may be fully booked when you want a rub.

Due to the resort's hillside location, and the presence of just one elevator, we cannot recommend it for visitors who have difficulty walking or going up stairs. Centrally located in the resort are its two pools, the upper pool's excess “infinity” waterflow glides down stone walls, and feeds into the lower pool. Beachside bars are never more than 300 metres from your room or suite, so guests can wander home easily after a few drinks, or stagger back in complete safety after getting more thoroughly inebriated.



Deluxe Grand (Garden View or Seaview)

At 65 sqm, these are the hotel's smallest offering. The decor is these rooms is unusual and attractive at the same time, which is a rather uncommon feat. The bed is decorated in a rich purple & mauve patterned bedhead, which works surprisingly well with the bold green theme present in the hotel's overall architecture. It is also present on the spacious terraces. Each terrace contains 2 loungers, each equipped with comfortable headcushions. Another unusual feature of the rooms are their sturdy & substantial solid wooden doors, which are fashioned in an unusual yet appealing style. Again, we note an Aztec / Inca influence.

Big And Beautiful Shower : the large and most unusual circular-shaped shower is a highlight of the Grand Series rooms and suites. Sporting the hotel's signature Aztec decor, these showers are large enough to engage in some family shower fun, or to indulge in romantic rainshower assignations.


The 1-bedroom (Garden View or Seaview) Suite.

This room category is our pick for the best smaller room type in the resort, as it offers great value and is located just a short stroll from the beach. The bedrooms are a highlight of this room category : the bedhead wall boasts a most attractive two-tone bronze-gold paint scheme, which complements beautifully the rest of the fittings and furniture. The bedrooms are illuminated by the soft light of large, classy bedside lamps. The bathrooms are worthy of a 5-star resort. The showers are also very attractive, their walls covered in sheer white pebbles.

The living room area includes a large kitchen, which seems somewhat pointless, but it gives the room a spacious feel. The living room also includes a large 3-seater sofa. At 75 sqm, these 1-bedroom Garden / Seaview Suites are suitable for couples with one child ( and a baby ).

Some of the Garden View Suites have only garden views, but some have very worthwhile seaviews, despite being listed in the less expensive Garden View category. We know which ones do, and which ones don’t, and can request one of the better ones for you.


1-bedroom Grand Suite (Garden or Seaview)

At 145 sqm these suites are huge – too huge really, as there is just too much space for the number of occupants to make use of. They have a large living room, the ‘big & beautiful’ shower, a jacuzzi and two balconies.

The living room has a comfortable sofa, a table and chairs for 4. All rooms have a well-equipped kitchen, which is pretty pointless in a unit which is not intended for family occupancy. More chairs and a table are located on the living room's balcony.


2-bedroom Grand Suites (Garden or Seaview)

These will hold up to 5 people. Boasting all the features of the 1-bedroom Grand Suites, this category is ideally suited to larger families, delivering fully 210 sqm of private living space,  including a useful kitchen.




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Andaman Sky, Co., Ltd, 454/2 Moo 1, Ao Nang, Thailand




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