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Thailand Mixed Adventure - Package MS307

Inclusive Package – 7 nights

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ao nang This holiday is perfect for those who wish to maximise excitement by including as many adventure sports as possible. No qualifications or experience of any kind are required.
This holiday is a veritable smorgasbord of thrills. Snorkelling and kayaking are included as pretty much everybody likes these activities. In this itinerary you snorkel and kayak the very best sites in Thailand. We no longer take you snorkelling to the Surins because of coral bleaching there. turtle

In this itinerary you can also go trekking, white water rafting, ATV (quad bike) riding, river canoeing and elephant trekking.

For the more committed adrenaline junkie, deep water soloing, scuba diving, cliff jumping, and rock climbing are optional activities.

This itinerary includes stays on Koh Yao Noi and in Ao Nang and Khao Sok.

These 3 destinations are all quite close to Phuket, minimising transfer times. Between the three of them they offer the very best in adventure the region has to offer.

In order to make the transfers into fun days out, stop offs have been added so you can enjoy a spot of adventure en route from one place to anothetr.

On Koh Yao Noi you stay at Ulmar's Nature Lodge, the best 2 star resort on the island. An upgrade to Paradise Resort, arguably the best 4 star resort in the region, is a popular optional extra upgrade (see below for optional extra prices).

After Koh Yao Noi, you take our private boat transfer across Phang Nga bay (stopping to snorkel and kayak at Koh Hong) to Ao Nang, the region's adventure hub, where you spend 3 nights staying on the beach at the Haleeva Resort, the best value resort in Ao Nang which has a pool. An upgrade to the beachfront Golden Beach resort is a popular optional extra upgrade, see below for optional extra prices.


2 nights are then spent in a treehouse in Khao Sok, the region's best inland destination.



After pick up in Phuket, we transfer you in 2.5 hours by taxi and boat to Koh Yao Noi, where you check in to an air-con bungalow at Ulmar's Nature Lodge.

Day 2 is when the adrenaline kicks in. You are taken on a private lagoon kayak exploration trip far from the kayak sites visited by the Phuket hordes.

Even in peak season you will probably be the only, or almost the only people there. This is because the Phuket crowds can't reach the sites we visit on daytrips - you have to stay on Koh Yao Noi to get there.

Koh Yao Noi is the best destination in Thailand to learn to deep water solo. This is an optional extra activity on day 3, which comes at no extra cost. You can decide to have a go, or not, just decide on the day. It's no problem if some of your party want to try deep water soloing and others don't, you still share the same daytrip.
On day 3 we transfer you to Ao Nang. The transfer itself is a phenomenally beautiful experience, by private longtail boat across the famously scenic, karst-studded Phang Nga bay. En route, you stop for paddling, sun-worshippng and/or snorkelling around Koh Hong, which is the most beautiful lagoon island that many of our customers have ever seen. koh hong

In Ao Nang you check into Superior room at the Haleeva Resort. This resort has a pool and is quiet, yet located within 5 minutes' walk of dozens of bars, massage shops, restaurants and shops.

On day 4 you choose either (a) ATV (quad bike) riding (2 hours) and white water rafting (5km) or (b) Private guided daytrip to Railay or (c) Private guided rock-climbing trip to Railay


Day 5 is a multiple choice day. You can either (a) Snorkel Koh Phi Phi or (b) kayak Bor Thor, or optional extra dive Phi Phi.


You can also go diving to Koh Phi Phi, which costs THB 2,400 extra per person, provided you have a PADI Open water certificate or equivalent. If you have no scuba qualifications you can still dive Phi Phi on a 1 day Discover Scuba Diving course, at an extra cost THB 4,200 instead of THB 2,400.


On day 6 you are transferred by private taxi to Khao Sok National Park. En route to Khao Sok you stop at the Pung Chang caves for a spot of adventure, in order to turn the taxi ride into a fun day out.

You then check in to a treehouse at the Treehouse Resort. If you are on honeymoon contact us for an upgrade to the Honeymoon Treehouse - it is built around a sturdier tree.

khao sok

Khao Sok has southern Thailand's best elephant trekking. This isn't kids-only trekking through rubber plantations. In Khao Sok you trek up and down big hills, in rivers, through pristine jungle. If you think you have "been there and done that" when it comes to elephant trekking, this is the ele trek to show you otherwise.

For day 7, we combine this ele trek with a river canoeing trip into an ele trek and river canoeing daytrip about which we get very good feedback, even from people who didn't think the elephant trekking would be fun.

khao sok
On day 8 in the morning you go tubing.


On day 8 in the afternoon we transfer you to Phuket airport.


Day Activity
Day 1 Pick up in Phuket, taxi, ferry then taxi again to resort on Koh Yao Noi
Day 1 Check in 2 nights at Ulmar's Nature Lodge, air-con bungalow, including breakfasts
Day 2

Optional extra Private lagoon kayakking exploration trip with optional deep water soloing

Day 3

Transfer to Ao Nang. En route to Ao Nang, go paddling, sun-worshippng and/or snorkelling around Koh Hong

Day 3 Check in 3 nights at the Haleeva Resort, including breakfasts.
Day 4

Optionally extra, choose either (a) ATV (quad bike) riding (2 hours) and white water rafting (5km) or (b) Private guided daytrip to Railay or (c) Private guided rock-climbing trip to Railay.

Alternatively and for only THB 200 per person return in boat fares, independently jump on a shared boat to Railay and go and explore.

Day 5 Snorkel Koh Phi Phi or kayak Bor Thor, or optional extra dive Phi Phi.
Day 6 Private taxi or minivan to Khao Sok National Park, stopping off at the Pung Chang caves. Please pay your entrance fee, currently THB 500 per person, direct.
Day 6 Check in Treehouse Resort, air-con treehouse, 2 nights, including breakfasts.
Day 7 Evening - optional extra night safari
Day 7 Elephant trek and river canoeing daytrip
Day 8 Morning - Tubing
Day 8 Drop-off at Phuket by private taxi or minivan.



High Season
Peak Season
Low Season

1st Nov to 10th Dec


11th Jan to 30th Apr

11th Dec to 10th Jan
1st May to 31st Oct
Per Adult (based on 2 sharing)
THB 22,000
THB 24,200
THB 20,400
Single Supplement




Optional Extras

Upgrade to Paradise Resort, Superior Studio on Koh Yao Noi - THB 4,800

Upgrade to Golden Beach, Pavilion Suite in Ao Nang - THB 2,800

Private lagoon kayaking and deep water soloing on day 2 - THB 3,200

ATV Riding and white water rafting on day 4 - THB 4,600

Private guided trip to Railay on day 4 - THB 3,000

Private rock climbing trip to Railay on day 4 - THB 4,000

Night safari on day 7 - THB 1,000

It is possible to go scuba diving to Koh Phi Phi on day 5 instead of chossing one of the activities listed for day 8. The ugrade price to go diving instead depends on whether the customer has a current PADI Open Water qualification or equivalent. In this case the upgrade costs THB 2,400. If the customer has no qualifications or his/her qualification has lapsed, he/she can still go diving, at an upgrade cost of THB 4,200.



All National Park fees - currently THB 600 per person - these are payable on arival at the parks.

Andaman Sky, Co., Ltd, 454/2 Moo 1, Ao Nang, Thailand






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