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Koh Phi Phi

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Islands and Beaches
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Approaching the twin islands of Ko Phi-Phi Don and Ko Phi-Phi Leh by boat, it's not hard to imagine you've discovered a tropical Shangri-la.

Koh Phi Phi, Thailand, Phi Phi Island

These days, however, many people do not enjoy a stay there, as they stay on the wrong beach.



The twin green-hilled Koh Phi Phi islands are rimmed by long broad beaches that roll into the turquoise waters of the Andaman Sea. As you get closer to Koh Phi Phi's lovely sillhouette, what started out as white dots on the horizon turn into beaches which beg to be sprawled on.


Scuba Diving Phi Phi, Thailand


maya bay


Unfortunately though, these days the Phi Phi Don bay in which the ferries arrive (Tonsai bay) has been polluted by leaks from all the boats crowded offshore. Phi Phi Don's other main beach (Lohdalum) is very noisy at night.

For many visitors Phi Phi is a big disappointment. The main accomodation area on Phi Phi Don's central isthmus is a 24-7 party scene. It is a great place for young party animals, but not for families or for adults after a quieter vacation. Such visitors will enjoy the crowds no more than they will like the night-time noise.

rock climb Phi Phi, rock climb Thailand, DWS, boulder
Scuba Diving Phi Phi, Thailand
Food-poisoning on Phi Phi Don's central isthmus has in recent years not been uncommon, due to contamination of the water supply.
A swaying curtain of coconut palms used to complete the picture of a tropical idyll, but most of them have been cut down to make way for tall and expensive concrete-box resorts. Scuba Diving Phi Phi, Thailand

A very different atmosphere prevails on Phi Phi’s pristine eastern beaches, Lobagao, Phak Nam and Lana Beaches, which are inaccessible except by sea from Phi Phi Don's central isthmus, and where Thailand’s typical style and elegance are in precedence. The resorts on these beaches are peaceful and, for people whose focus is not on rowdy nightlife, much better choices.

Visitors who fancy a big night out are reccommended to stay in the Phi Phi Don party zone for one party night, and then head for one of the more laid-back eastern beaches.

Many people these days choose to visit Phi Phi on day-trips from Ao Nang or Koh Lanta, rather than staying on Phi Phi.


Islands & Beaches

Phi-Phi Don

Possessing stunning topography and long white beaches, Phi-Phi Don was one of the first islands in Thailand to be developed for tourism.

As one of Thailand's most famous holidaying destinations, Koh Phi Phi Don has for some years been fighting a losing battle with its own popularity, as tourists arrive by the million. The tiny central isthmus of this island, which is the main accomodation zone on the Phi Phi twins, has now been largely covered in concrete. Phi Phi Don's resorts are virtually full all high season and so are bad value for money.

If you want to escape the party scene and the crowds, you should stay on one of the beaches that line the east coat of Phi Phi Don - Phak Nam and Lo Bagao are still lovely and unspoiled places to stay.


Phi Phi Leh

Rugged Koh Phi Phi Leh is edged by the signature limestone cliffs of this region, and by a ribbon of coral. There is no accommotion on this stunningly beautiful island.

The kayaking and snorkelling day-trips here have been wrecked by their excessive fame and popularity, and are no longer recommended - whilst the fish still teem, the humans seem almost to outnumber them.

The island's Ao Maya lagoon, which was used as the setting for the filming of the movie "The Beach", is world famous. This film appearance sealed Ao Maya beach's fate, and it is now so inundated with crowds every high season that we don't reccommend it.



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Phi Phi Island Village $$$$
Lo Bagao beach


Mama Beach $$$ Isthmus  
Phitarom $$$
Palm Tree Resort $$$ Isthmus  
Relax Bay $$ Phak Nam beach Reccommended
Phi Phi Insula $$ Ithsmus Reccommended
Tropical Garden $$
Phi Phi Garden Home $$
Sand Sea View $$ Ithsmus  
The White $$ Ithsmus  
The White 2 $$


Kinaree $$ Ithsmus  


Things To Do

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Inexpensive snorkelling trips can be arranged after arrival, there's not much point in booking these in advance, as they run every day and are never full.


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