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Tipa Resort, Ao Nang

Independent Review

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Suprisingly peaceful considering its very close proximity to Ao Nang's main beach and amenities, the Tipa Hotel is an excellent mid-range choice for singles, families and couples, except for visitors with particularly finely-tuned arcitectural antennae, who may be less than impressed with the almost flourescently bright turquoise tiles with which the resort's main buildings are roofed.

The roof colour is the only thing that there is to complain about with the shared facilities, as the pool and restaurant are both good. In addition to the blue roof problem, though, some of the rooms here are definitely worth a lengthy moan too - unusually for a Thai resort, some of the room types are awful, and some are great.

Maybe the ill-chosen tiles were selected to complement the resort's attractive aquatic theme - streams and fountains are dotted liberally around the grounds, providing softly restful background sound almost throughout the resort.
Such unimportant foibles aside, the Tipa has a lot to commend itself. Surprisingly spacious for a resort close to the beach, it is enhanced but not enveloped by lovely flowering shrubs and jungle foliage. The famous Thai style is in precedence at this friendly resort, which has a reputation for particularly good service.

The restaurant serves an adequate breakfast and lunch, but most guests eat dinner out, at one of the many nearby restaurants.

The spa is reasonably priced but rather variable in quality, for better quality and a more varied treatment menu, go to Boossabakorn spa instead.




These units are located a stiff climb up the hill from the resort's entrance, but visitors can always summon a golf cart to collect them from their room, or deposit them back there. They are not very good value for money considering their age and condition - they are a bit smelly inside, and everything exudes a 'seen-better-days' feel. Not everything about these bunagalows has deteriorated with time, though - the horribly kitsch 'artwork' adorning the walls must have been in bad taste, even when it was new.  


Teak House

These units are in a totally different class to the above-described 'bungalows'. Only three years old, the Teak Houses are a great choice for nature lovers, or even just for lovers, as each bungalow is surrounded in a private world of jungle foliage.
Being on a hillside, there is almost always a breeze rustling the trees and keeping the air fresh. Four of the units have a seaview - contact us and we'll reserve one for you. Each unit nestles in a peaceful, relaxing and private jungle cocoon.

Thankfully the resort is kept free from undesirable jungle creatures by the fifteen gardeners who are forever tending all the gardens and foliage. Half-listening to the quiet 'snip, snip, snip' of their pruning while reading a book on the balcony is another of the pleasures of these units. Inside, the bungalows are tastefully furnished and fitted.

The natural theme is enhanced by the wooden floors, which gleam with the regular polishing they receive. The large and comfortable bed, day-bed and balcony provide a variety of places to relax, read a book or play honeymoon games.



The miniscule seaview from the upper floor rooms isn't much to write home about, but the upper floor rooms are a better choice than the ground floor rooms, due to the considerably more natural light that they receive.

These large rooms won't wow anybody, but there's nothing wrong with them either.


Grand Deluxe

Brand new as at November 09, these rooms are a little more expensive than the Deluxe rooms, but well worth the extra money. Some of these rooms have stupendous views of the karts that separate Ao Nang from Railay, contact us and we'll reserve one for you. The miniscule seaview isn't worth bothering with, but the daybed makes these units a good choice for families with a smaller child (and possibly a baby too). The luridly yellow exterior colour scheme of the buildings won't be to everyone's taste, but the interiors are innocuously decorated, and are in immaculate condition.


Family Suite

A great choice for a larger family, these large suites have two bedrooms, in each of which can be placed an extra bed.

These rooms do not have the most inspiring decor (they could be anywhere in the world) but are an excellent choice for the medium-sized family.

Considering the price and the close proximity to Ao Nang's beach, shopping and restaurants, they are extremely good value for money.

They are near the pool too.

Families with more money to spend should consider a connecting pair of Grand rooms at the Krabi Resort, families with smaller budgets should check out the Family 2 bedroom suite at the Haleeva


Deluxe (Ratee) Suite

Each of these suites has a huge living room. The kitchen area seems rather pointless though, as so few visitors will want to do any cooking. These suites are only reccommended for those visitors who fancy a game of 5-a-side football in their room - they are pointlessly huge, and not good value.




Click here for more on Ao Nang, here for holiday packages, here for a map, here for other destinations.

Andaman Sky, Co., Ltd, 23/8 Moo 2, Ao Nang, Thailand



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