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Somkiet Buri

Independent Review

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Whilst the lobby area of this 7-year old hotel is uninviting, the grounds are really something, with rustic wooden boardwalks forming paths through a large mature tropical garden.

The hotel is 7 years old so the vegetation has had time to reach impressive proportions. At night the atmosphere is particularly magical, with soft lighting illuminating the jungle foliage that all but envelops the resort’s accommodation buildings.

Nature lovers will adore the Somkiet Buri, which has relatively few rooms dotted around its spacious grounds, but there are those who won’t like the place. The jungle setting encourages insect life, and guests can expect to share their rooms with the odd gecko or two. These tiny little lizard-like creature are perfectly harmless, but some visitors don’t like them at all, a fact that rather amuses the hotel staff, when they are asked to get rid of them. Being Thai, the staff are far too polite to show their amusement.

The image on the left is worth clicking on, to take a closer look.
A few external signs of wear and tear, such as the odd rotting fencepost, almost add rather than detract from the nature reserve atmosphere of the resort - almost.

The resort is conveniently located close to the beach and all amenities, click here for a map. Although close to Ao Nang’s centre, it is quiet at all times. Run by Muslims, the resort does not serve alcohol, but does allow guests to bring their own in.

Wandering up to a Muslim staff member in a bikini will produce a less than enthusiastic reaction, and if you avoid doing this then you will get better service.
The resort charges an exorbitant THB 1,000 for airport transfers, contact us and we’ll do it for THB 500.

The really great thing about this resort is the prices - the rooms here are the best value rooms near the beach in a resoort benefitting from a pool. For some odd reason the resort don't charge extra for their pool access rooms, making them esepcially attractive.

Whilst the atmosphere in this green oasis is certainly magical, the resort can feel a bit claustrophobic, so many guests spend a significant part of each day on the nearby beach or out on a tour.
Whilst a super place, it’s not really the place to choose if all you want to do is collapse in your resort for a few days.



Children will enjoy the Jacuzzi in the kids’ pool, and this resort is a great one for families, if a pool access room is booked. The pool access rooms are particularly good for children, as they are also near the restaurant, so tiny tots can spend the customary hours going to the pool, then the restaurant for a fruit shake, then back to the pool again, without their parents having to move a muscle. Young children cannot safely negotiate the raised walkways which lead to all but the nearest three rooms from reception, so it's pretty essential for families with tiny tots to get one of the three pool access rooms near reception. It's npt essential, but it is desirable, to get the one nearest reception.



The restaurant, which is small but beautifully constructed and sited amidst the foliage, has unfortunately a rather poor reputation. Breakfast is adequate and the on-demand egg station does a good job, but the bread served is the atrocious sweet, white stuff that most Westerners loathe. If you book with us then, in addition to an unbeatable price, we’ll deliver a free quality loaf of bread to you on arrival. Lunch snacks are OK, but dinner is not recommended here.



The spa is ridiculously over-priced, so guests are advised to go elsewhere for their pampering – there are plenty of massage places within a couple of minutes’ walk. Alternatively, for better quality and a more varied treatment menu, go to Boossabakorn spa instead.



The recently-renovated rooms are furnished to a high standard and are clean and quiet. The mosaic pattern on the floors will not be to everyone’s taste, but is less likely to upset the visitor than to provide a bit of a laugh.

Those on the upper of the 2 floors have better pool and pond views and feel more airy and spacious. Both the Superior and the Poolside rooms can be either upstairs or downstairs. The Superior and Poolside rooms are identical, except for location.

Some of the top floor rooms, however, are too shaded by trees and lack the airy feel of the rest of the top floor rooms. Some guests will find some of the ‘Poolside’ rooms a bit dark, as the vegetation cuts out the light.

Superior Room

These face east. They are built on two fllors, the ground floor and the first floor rooms. The building with the best rooms is the one nearest reception, as it gets the best views - in all the rooms further away from reception, the view is cut off by trees. In some of these rooms, the thick vegetation outside, while looking tropically appealing, cuts out too much light and makes the rooms in the building gloomy. None of the downstairs rooms give direct pool access, so there's no point in getting a downstairs room, it's better to go for an upstairs room, and benefit from the better views from there. The very best Superior room in the resort is the upstairs room nearest reception.

Poolside room

These rooms face west, and some get views of the rock ramparts separating the Railay peninsula from Ao Nang. They are built on two floors, a ground floor and a first floor. The building nearest reception, which contains one upstairs room and one downstairs room, offers the best views. The buildings further from reception don't give as good views as the building nearest reception. You can request either an upstairs room or a downstairs one.

These rooms face west, and some get views of the rock ramparts separating the Railay peninsula from Ao Nang. They are built on two floors, a ground floor and a first floor. The building nearest reception, which contains one upstairs room and one downstairs room, offers the best views. The buildings further from reception don't give as good views as the building nearest reception. You can request either an upstairs room or a downstairs one.

For families, a downstairs room is recommended, as this gives direct pool access. These are among the very best value pool access rooms in Ao Nang, if you can get one of the best ones. It's surprising the resort don't charge extra for these rooms, all the other resorts in Ao Nang charge a premium price for their pool access rooms.

Many couples prefer the better views and extra privacy of the upstairs room.

Contact us to get the best room for your requirements at the best price - we are based here in Ao Nang, just 300 metres from this resort, so can pop round and check that the room being offered to you is a good one.



The above rates are net per room per night and inclusive of service charge and breakfast for 2 people.

Compulsory gala dinner :

Compulsory gala dinner on 24 Dec 09 is Baht 2,500 per adult and Baht 1,250 per child 

In addition, we offer the following free benefits:

In addition, on this site we offer the following free benefits:

  • Airport transfers at only THB 500 for a taxi or THB 1,000 for a minivan.
  • 10% off your day-trips
  • 15% discount vouchers for Ao Nang hotels.
  • If you book your transfer to the airport with us, we will take you to the Tiger Cave Temple, for free, en route. If adults want to climb to the top and need child-minding help while they do so, contact us.
  • We’ll personally inspect the available rooms at the resort for the dates you require, then report back to you with details of the available rooms that best meet your requirements.
  •  We’ll give you a free quality bakery loaf of bread on arrival.
  • You will be able to take advantage of unlimited travel advice before arrival – we know southern Thailand intimately and so can organize all your accommodation, travel, sports and activities. This personalized and customized service comes at no extra cost to you – we get our commissions from hotels and activity/transport providers, not from you.


Hotel website: Click here for more on Ao Nang, here for holiday packages, here for other destinations.

Andaman Sky, Co., Ltd, 23/8 Moo 2, Ao Nang, Thailand



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